Saturday, April 5, 2008

Noah's Birthday Party

Deep breath....

People are gone ....

House is clean....

Party was great!
Noah's 5th birthday party was a hit. We had a fabulous time...opening presents, people everywhere, eating cake (even though Noah didn't want all the attention on himself when we sang Happy Birthday and he ran off), playing outside, and visiting with friends and family. We got him a new bike for his birthday, but I almost let him fall and now he is too scared...we will have to try tomorrow!

We also had a nice visit from Scooby Doo himself!! (THANK YOU SO MUCH KELLI AND SHAWN!! Especially Shawn for sweating his batootie off for us! You guys are the bomb!) That was definetly Noah's favorite part by far! Sydney was scared to death of him lol...The bigger kids loved him...even Noah's great grandmother got a hug! My nephew Isaac was the hit of the party with his laugther and excitement over Scooby Doo...he wanted to be held by him, lay his head on him, and giggle at him. Isaac couldn't take his eyes off of Scooby and the entire party couldn't take their eyes off of Isaac!

Of course there were things that frustrated me as always when you put 2 huge families in the same house, however, the outcome was great. That is a whole nother story LOL LOL wink wink! :)

When Noah and I were reading his bedtime stories and discussing the party, he said he lots of fun, loved Scooby Doo, and wished he played more with his friends. He had a good time and that is all that matters!

I was crazy busy with getting ready for this party I didn't post his school pictures of his school party from here they are! My little handsome man with his friends at school....(he didn't mind his class singing to him then..but I guess your friends are cooler ehhehehehehe)

OMG...he is so handsome!

Love of my son's life...

Circle Time


Tracy said...

Tell Noah that we said Happy Birthday! I'm glad the party was a you have to scrap some pages of all the work you did.

~~~~~d~~~~ said...

SO SWEET. THAT one pic. OMG.
wHAT IS THAT GIRL???? wHO IS that!??????

I'm telling emma.

Watch for something in the mail for NOah from EM.



A happy day for Noah and for us to see. THE SCOOBY: OMG.. emma will be so jealous.



Mary said...

We had a great time and the day was all about Noah! What a fun birthday he had. We all loved Scooby and your decorations were great! Thanks for letting us enjoy the day with him even though he was so busy we didn't see much of him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!

Guhn said...

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