Friday, April 4, 2008

The Peace and Quiet

I am sitting here and the house is silent....

My morning was crazy...up at 7:15 (no shower, but at least got my teeth brushed, hair swept up into my Granny bun as hubby calls it, and threw on some clothes)

7:22: a private school kid came to me today cuz he didn't have school. He is a bored little 3rd grader at my house :(

7:45: Woke Noah to get ready for school and before school kid came...Rucus with 3 boys ages 5, 7, and 8....How do they find the energy to run around the house and chase each other this early in the morning??? I get my firm Mommy voice....they quiet down. No baby today....that helps a tad.

8:05: Before school kid gets on the bus...Thank goodness...the quiet returns for a brief minute...I go upstairs and wake Sydney who is such a deep sleep she is disoriented as I wake her....Dress her, put her pigtails in, and come downstairs for her morning chocolate milk.

8:15: I load the 3 kids in the back of the Mommymobile and off we go. Thank goodness for the dual DVD player in the backseat. I jam to WINK FM 92.5 (music for the Mommys who just need to relax).

8:30: Get to Noah's school. Unload all 3 kids, sign Noah in, give and get big kisses, off he goes....and off we go.

The rest of the morning consisted of a stop at the mall, a little HGTV for MOmmy, and then back to pick Noah up from school. Then Lunch, Sydney down for a nap, Mommy writing a blog, 3rd grader leaving earlier than I thought (sweet.... only because now there is peace and quiet). Noah is in the basement playing Matchbox cars and Sydney is napping...

As I look around the house, I realize how much work I have to do before Noah's birthday party tomorrow.....and if my hubby saw this mess right now....he would send my ass back to work! LOL LOL....You should see it :( It is not how my house usually looks...I never let it get like this till this week....

This cold...I blame my cold...I blame my laziness on my cold which I still have not gotten a nap all week! i am exhausted! Enough of the rambling, bitching, and moaning! I am off to clean this house...make it presentable...I hate the clutter.

Signing off....


Hilary said...

I think I have some "Martha Stewart on crack" left in me if you need some help... two Mommies with sleep deprivation... OMG, that could be some fun, eh?
Hugs to ya!

Mary said...

Why are you cleaning your house before the party. You have like 30 gazillion people coming tomorrow and they will trash it. Wait till they leave! That was mommy advice there...bless yur heart!