Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning or Bust

Spring has sprung!

spring cleaning

and you know what that means!


It is time to SPRING CLEAN!!!!

spring cleaning

So, my fellow bloggers and friends, I am about to begin my journey through my rather large house (why I wanted it this big is BEYOND me) and get my spring cleaning done.

We have the yard and gardens done, so the outside is looking SUPERB! And the storm door will be installed soon! Oh, how I can't wait!

My first journey is all the closests in my house....BE GONE junk BE GONE! I am tired of empty boxes we kept "just in case" it broke, clothes we can't wear or are don't wear, and FREAKING STUFFED ANIMALS!! Cute ones can stay but some of those crappy ones that were won at the grocery store or at an amusement park ARE GOING!!! BE GONE!!Photos will be taken of the before and the this week Wed-Friday is CLOSET TIME!!

I will begin upstairs in my bedroom. Walk-in closet and linen closet.....
then I will move to Noah's room and then to Sydneys. Then there is the other linen closet in the spare bathroom which holds humidifiers that don't work (why we have kept them I don't know) and then to the spare bedroom closet. That is a total of 6 closets just upstairs...DREAD..... I am biting my nails as I think about it.....

Then I will move to the main floor....there is just 2 here, so that won't be so bad...OR WILL IT???? Both closets are full of a million and one coats that we don't wear or can't wear...sound familiar?? Goodwill here we come! And oh the clutter.....
Then I need to start cleaning my floors, carpet cleaning, cleaning those dusty baseboards (which I need to finish painting errr), and getting on my hands and knees to get the nooks and crannies....DREAD AGAIN!

I found a great spring cleaning list from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart

Or I mean......martha

I have printed it and we (OH I MEAN I) will begin spring cleaning my house and then some! I am going to get my handy dandy highlighter out and cross off as I got!
I might get carried away and come to be prepared. LOL
I only hope that cleaning makes me this happy!

cleaning lady


Mary said...

You can look at Martha smiling but I swear she is gritting her teeth...and does she have a husband...well NO. Good luck in the closets. I got my bedroom closet done with all my spring clothes in it.

~d said...

OMG YOUR DOOR IS RED!!! looks great. I missed that within the last 2 years. :)

Must be something in the air. I've purged left and right. I'm so tired of stepping over shit and seeing stuff .. 'TO DO' OUT OF THE CORNER of my eye. I'm on a mission too!! d