Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

People come and go in your life and they leave their mark.....

My focus tonight is on the people who are/were my neighbors....and close friends of mine.

I am blessed.

These people in my life now better NEVER leave me....if you leave distance better freaking keep in touch.....These people are my neighbors and my friends whom I will never forget. Things they have done for me lately and I can only hope and pray that I can give back to you somehow for all you have done for me!

Amy K: Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me with my garden today. It was relaxing just gardening with a friend. It was enjoyable and know how I am with my green thumb! We can sit and gossip about everything and chat about lifes ups and downs without judement. I love that about us. I hope that I can make it up to you somehow....

Mary G: Thank you for always being there when I need someone to listen to me vent! Thank you for helping me with the kids when I need it and coming for the most relaxing, enjoyable playdates.....I swear I knew you in another life...if I believed in that TAheheheheh. You are amazing and I have been waiting for you to come into my life for quite some time now. I love how you always surprise me with something new about you. Something I never thought was in the Baby Got Back you pulled out and played in the car. Boy, did you surprise Hilary and I.... We knew you had some craziness in you and we love it! I only hope that I can give back to you in someway, someday.

Hilary and Leo: Thank you thank you for your sense of humor and your HUGE hearts. The clothes you have passed on to Sydney have been a blessing! She is now styling in the most comfortable outfits and the cutest of PJs! I am in your debt! And thank you for your recipe for simple syrup when my budget needed it the most! HA! You guys are awesome. We will miss you! I only wish I had met you earlier, but you will be back! I hope I can give to you like you did for me. Thank you.

Debby: After your successful stalking of us when we moved into the became a close friend of whom I trusted and laughed with the most. With the ups and downs of life, we remained friends. I was so worried when you moved away and dropped off the Internet world for awhile...I thought I lost you....but you are back. I only hope that I can repay you for how much you have influenced Noah. He has become such an amazing little boy. He still calls Alligators Chomp chomps and Cows Moo Moos sometimes...too cute! That was you! I thought the next time we would see you was like in the Will and Grace episode when their kids ended up across eachother in their college dorm rooms and became great friends. Thank you for your humor and ability to make me feel so normal with your blogs! I hope I can make it up to you somehow!

Thank you so much for being a part of my life...for being my friend, even if you don't want to admit it...ha! I can't tell you enough...truly I can't. I want to eat you all up!

Okay enough sappy shit.....I am going to bed.


Leo and Hilary said...

Well... we feel pretty lucky to know you, too! Lisha, this is such an incredibly nice thing that you have done. So many times, we forget to take the time to say "thank you" for the friends we have. However, Leo and I ALWAYS feel that whatever we do... we expect nothing in return... just the hopes that one day you will pay it forward. AND... you have BEEN paying it forward. You have such a beautiful, full, and giving heart how could we not do something for you here and there? I enjoy doing things for others and making them laugh and I know Leo does, too! I am sure days are coming when we will be calling on you... like me freaking out over these neck injections :). Beautiful people deserve beautiful things/events in their life. I truly appreciate your message and we will stay in touch no matter where Leo and I end up in the end!

Cameron said...

You are so sweet to write what you did last night. If I had not read it so late, I would have called you. I am very thankful that I met you once I moved here to Stonebridge. I am very blessed to have found some very true friends. You have done so much for me, more than you will ever realize. You say you hope to be able to give back to me in someway, some day....what you don't realize is you already have....with your friendship. I want nothing more. ((((((HUGS))))))

Love you,

~d said...

oH YOU SAPPY ass.. How nice was that to stumble on?? Ok.. stumble on is a total lie.. I check daily.. sometimes thrice/ 67ice. times. :)

You're one of the nicest I've met and I've always felt a connection with you :)
Thanks. I needed that. More than you know.