Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I took Noah to preschool this morning and as I passed the gas station, I almost choked....WTF is up with gas??? $3.45!!! OMG!!!

My eyes then dropped to my gauge. I saw that my tank was on 1/2 tank....I made a quick prayer up above that the gas will drop by the time I need it....

This SAHM can NOT afford to even drive her son to preschool in town 10 mins! WTF???

This is getting to be ridiculous....I guess I will have to load up the kids on the in the seat on the back and 2 in on of those pull along things and head to school....wonder how long it will take me to get there?? That is a LOT of hills.....hmmm.....that is my new diet plan! hehehehehhehe

kids in bike cart

No those aren't my kids HAHAHA

Or here's an idea....
kids on bike

My neighbor/friend Amy sent me an email forward today...and these are a few of the pictures from it!

Here is my hubby....heehehehehhe

What will we do???


Mary said...

Hey...I remember when I could buy a dollars worth of gas and ride the block all night! ahh hem...guess you can tell my age now!

Courtney said...

The prices here are higher than there! At the station down the street it's $3.55!! Argh!!!