Saturday, May 31, 2008

The cast

The cast is on....

It will remain on for 4 weeks from Tuesday.

No pool, no bike being a boy (except peeing on things lol).

What he is good at now is picking on his sister.

Here he is! He even got married again last night to Kaylee. The wedding photo... with his goes everywhere he does!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Weigh in Week 5

Okay it is week 5 of my attempt to do Weight Watchers at home with no online and no meetings except for the discussions, complaining, and celebrations with my friends.

This week's verdict: GAIN 1 POUND!! AHHH!!!

Not bad for being up 3 on Tuesday morning here is where I went wrong:

taco bell

SWEET TEA (just once through the week, when I usually only have it Friday as part of the "flex points")


Cravings...I gave in....just a few times....

Memorial Day food......Hey I wasn't too bad....
Memorial Day

Best MONTHLY friend is coming soon.....may I say water retention and bloat, even my boobs won't fit in my bra!! OMG!!! LMAO


However, I am walking now with Coach Mary and Hilary and night walks with Amy that should help EVENTUALLY!!!

Wish me luck...I just had McDonalds LOL....I am on my way....

Signing off....lots to get accomplished today!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is it?

This might gross some of you out, so beware...but it is quite the topic of interest today on Caledonia Drive.

I was feeding the baby (AKA: the one I babysit) today on the couch...she was drifting off to sleep when I smelled something terrible...I lifted her and sniffed, nope, I smelled myself, nope, I smelled the couch, the blanket, and even the air, nope....then I called the little smelly shitzu dog up onto my lap and REEK...he smelled so bad...worse than the smelly smell he gets when he needs groomed which his how he got his name by Debby...Smelliott.

His left ear was soaked and smelled of stale urine....My head quickly spun around and asked Noah to come here....

Reasons why I suspected Noah:

Situation 1:

6 days ago I was cleaning Noah's room and cleaning out the closet for a trip to Goodwill when I noticed something wet in a small container in his closet... I pick it up and sniff (I am a sniffer...I sniff everything....I blame the big nose.. just habit...I sniff the food before I eat it, I sniff pillows, I sniff my kids, I sniff clothes, clean/dirty, however, I do not sniff my hubby unless he is leaving for work in the lol) Back on topic....So I sniff the small container filled with liquid and jump back quickly...IT WAS PEE!!


"What Mom?" He stops in his tracks...he sees me in the closet.

"What is this??" Like I don't know.

Very quietly he whispers, "peeeeeee......."

"What made you think you could pee in the closet??"

"You told me to stay in my room and I had to pee......" Okay good reason... So I discussed that if he had to pee when he was sent to his room that it was OK to go the potty.

Situation 2:

4 days ago, we were in the basement playing and I was cleaning up the toys and reorganizing what the kids were putting away...obsession with an organized (my organized lol) basement. And Sydney says, "Pee." and points to the little plastic basketball hoop in the basement. Where the ball rolls down the hoop and lands at the bottom is a small hole....FILLED WITH PEE!!!

I swing around stare at Noah and say, I mean yell, "No....AH!!!! I see more pee!"

"HUH?" He ignores me.

"THERE IS PEE OVER HERE IN THE TOY!" I am getting really frustrated.

"Mommy, you locked the bathroom door down here and I had to pee." OK if you gotta go you gotta go, RIGHT?? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Noah, if you need to go the bathroom, and the basement one is locked, you go up the stairs and go at the top of the steps. THERE ARE 4 FREAKING BATHROOMS IN THIS HOUSE USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Okay Mommy," he hangs his head down.

I take a deep breath and say, "Go upstairs get the cleaner and the paper towels. you are cleaning this up."

"EWWWW....I Don't want to!"

"TOO should have thought of that before you peed here! GO!"

He returns and cleans up the toy and then I reclean the toy with disinfectant.

We discuss the appropriate places to pee at bedtime.

Situation 3:

TODAY....I smell the dog....he smells of urine. Thoughts run through my head. Was he using the potty and the dog came over and he peed on him? Did the dog rub his head in the pee that maybe Noah missed by the toilet, cuz dogs are gross, did the dog fall in the toilet? or Did Noah purposely pee on the dog?? and WHERE??

I remain calm because I wanted to smelled terrible!
I take the baby upstairs and put her down and proceed on my investigation. I start my scanning the house for puddles of pee....Nothing.....

Then I remember the kids were on the deck playing picnic and camping trip. I scan the deck...dry as a bone....

I ask Noah..."What happened to Elliott?" He looks at me strangely. "SMELL HIM!" I demand.

"EWWWW" He scrunches up his nose.

"What did you do?" I question.

"I peed on him."boy peeing

"Why and Where?"

"Outside. I peed off the deck and he was in the grass." He admits.

"Did you try to do that?" I ask.

"Yes...." Head drops down.

"SMELL HIM NOAH...WOULD YOU LIKE IF SOMEONE PEED ON YOU?" Trying to put him in the dogs shoes (if he wore them).

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yells.

DEEP BREATH..."Where do we pee Noah???"

"In the potty...I am sorry Mommy." He is apologetic. And I don't care.

"Go to your room!" He heads upstairs, "AND DONT PEE IN THERE!"

I know this is normal to a point, but come on already! I remember a story my mom told about my brothers and they were this age...age 4/5. They enjoyed peeing on bugs at the beach....

Do I just not get it because I don't have a ding dong, a wong, a wang, a pee pee, a penis, a hot dog, a SHIZAM, a I THINK WITH THING body part??

Boys are so hilarious...and I can't help but laugh at all this...I just hope we are done with the peeing where we please stage!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am an endangered species....

According to the Page-A-Day Calendar by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg, M.D.:


If you pull out a gray hair, and wait the three months it usually takes for a hair to grow back and the additional three months it takes for it to get long enough to notice, know what you'll have? One gray hair. But here's some real breaking news for hair pluckers and dyers worldwide: the natural blond is an endangered species! According to a study by the World Health Organization, natural blondes will probably be extinct in about 200 years because there are simply too few people left carrying the blond gene. The WHO predicts that the "Last of the Natural Blondes" will be born in Finland sometime during 2202.

So treat me good people for I am endangered.....and so is my daughter. FOR my hair is not dyed! ehehhehehehehhe

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just when I thought

Just when I thought things were so boring in my life, and I had nothing to blog about, my son goes and breaks his elbow!

Yep you read that right...we were outside at 9:30 pm tonight having smores in the neighbor's yard and about 10:00 Noah goes off with his best buddy in the world to play kickball. They were playing and giggling and having a good time, when for some reason Noah decides to climb up the steps to the slide and falls on his arm. Which by the way...he worked hard today helping my neighbor, Amy, load grass into the trailer and he played he was so tired!! (This is what I thought was wrong when he kept crying....until he refused chocolate.)

He screams...I run over and he starts complaining that his arm hurts. I try to hold him thinking it was just sprained or sore...after he would not calm down I took him home and looked at it....He couldn't move it and kept crying in pain.

I yelled for Hubby and he and Amy came over. She helped me put ice and an ace bandage on it. I took him to the ER....the whole way there I prayed that it would be a nice in and out trip. (cuz it never is)...till tonight! Thank you God!
He got a splint and they told me that he might need surgery. My little guy! It is in a spot of his elbow that could cause more problems later since he is still growing..however, it is minor enough that he might not need it.

We will find out on Tuesday when we go see the Orthopedic Surgeon. Noah gets a cast and already decided on a red cast.

So no more bike, no more pool, no more gym at school...for the next few weeks, if not more. My little guy.....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Weigh in Week 4

I was a little nervous because the weekend was filled with birthday icecream cake, cheeseburgers, and a movie party with lots of nachos and cheese and candy! I was up 2 lbs on Wednesday, but was a good girl (for the most part) on Wednesday and the verdict is in.....

Down 1 pound!!

I am down exactly 6 lbs and feeling good :)

Shhh....don't tell Hilary but that was with a sweet tea and a egg and cheese bagel at McDonald's yesterday for breakfast....I am a bad girl......

My secret....
Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal for breakfast
Tuna sandwich with Light Miracle whip on a Originial Light Flat OUt Wrap
I get about 18 grams of fiber in 2 meals!!

Dr. Oz would be proud of my S shaped lol lol

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good friends and good books

You know you have good friends when you make a small comment about how you could use a good book on your rambling blog, a comment that would usually get lost amongst your rambling...but good friends pick up on it and each bring you two books to read.

Mary and Hilary were walking away through the community on their way to do a driveby my house to see if I could join them, when hubby and I were on our way out of the community. We see them ahead, slow down, and stop to chat. They both whip out 2 books each.....oh I am so full of good books...I keep thinking when is hubby leaving to play poker???

The best part of this story is the books they brought and how they fit in my life. Let me proceed:

First, Mary brought me 2 great books:

Book 1: Judy Blume's Wifey

Book 2: Judy Blume's Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume $1
Funny thing is...I have read both...because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Judy Blume. I loved her as a child and I love her as an adult. So, when Mary handed me those two books...I thought.....

Friends for Life

That is Mary...she is my Judy Blume...She is my comfort....
And that she has the same two books as I have :)

Now for the final two books...Hilary brought:

Book 1: citizengirl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

I have not read this...but it looks very page turning... first chapter is Doris Mindfuck....already is intriguing!
So, I go to book 2.
Book 2: Babes in Captivity by Pamela Redmond Satran
Neither book have I read, but both are catching my attention.
This one starts out...."I hate my husband."
So, I quickly began got my attention...hehehe
Hilary is my wild. She is my laughter, my sarcasm....

true friend

Thank you girls for doing what you did today. One little act of kindness made my entire YEAR!! You are the best!

Love you girls!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got me thinking...

Just like everything in my life, things are put on hold. For example, my favorite television shows are now DVRed because I just can't find the time to sit down and watch them when they are actually know...bath time, books, then bed time (mainly for the 5 year old who still needs Mommy to sit with him to fall asleep...but at least he is still in his OWN bed). So, by the time I make it downstairs and begin my night....load the dishwasher, clean up the toys, and fold a couple loads of laundry it is now 9:30 pm at the earliest.

Last night was very much similar minus the hubby. He went and played poker with our neighbor. SECRET: Don't tell but I actually enjoyed the time without him..Shhh...doing bedtime is is quiet...we had routine.

With Daddy, we have NO quiet, NO routine.....he cranks the television up as loud as he can (you know 31 year old male hearing loss) and makes the routine what he feels like doing that night.

Tonight was different. I bathed the kids, cleaned up the bathroom, brushed teeth, took them downstairs for 10 minutes of quiet play (no tv blaring in the background), went back upstairs for two quiet books (no tv blaring in the background), then I put Syd in her crib and back to lay with Noah. They both were out by 9:30. I went downstairs did the ritual, then laid on the couch at 10:00 to watch DVRed American Idol....then, I laid there with the silence surrounding me....

Oh how I loved it....what I wanted was to read a good book, but I am fresh out, so I decided to get caught up on my favorite shows...

Samantha Who??
Samantha Who?

Oh how I love this humor, totally my humor to a T...

it began with the Book of Sam....and it showed the library with the different sections. I got to thinking...

The Book of Lisha....what type of book?
Humor?? Fiction? Nonfiction?? Action??

I think it is a little bit of all of it. Being a mother to my high maintence kids and a wife to my hubby would encompass all the sections in one. For example....

Hubby texts me: Still no call.

I text: Oh well...not God's plan

Hubby: Yeah I guess.

Me: Stop stressing.

Hubby: I just don't get it, they said such great things about me.

Me: Well, maybe they haven't made their decision yet.

Hubby: Oh they did. I need to get over it and move on. I just don't get it.

Me: Me neither. But I love you n this isn't the plan.

Hubby: K love u

Me: love u 2

This same conversation repeated about 10 times over and over again during the past 5 days.

My book has Drama. Hubby is my drama. I don't do drama, but hubby does. He interviewed for his dream job in PA, but hasn't heard anything. We are now waiting for the rejection letter....and that my friends is when the drama will skyrocket. Amy K be

My book is also filled with action and struggle.
Hubby reminds me this morning as he kisses me goodbye. (Mind you I am half asleep and don't have the energy to argue back about having kids all day). "Honey, you need to go get money and send out the birthday card to your mom and Mother's Day card to mine." I wimper, "Kay," and roll back over to sleep.

While in the shower, I remember...Oh my....our bank is 30 minutes away and with gas at 3.79 a gallon I am not driving up there to hit the drivethru and I need to get stamps at the Post office drivethru. Reminder: I have a 10 month old little girl I watch and Sydney. I don't do stores with no carts....and pulling out a stroller to hit a gas station and then again at the post office is an absolute NO!! I don't have the energy.

So, my plan Stan:
I drop Noah off and head to Sheetz. That is my one stop shop. They have my bank's ATM (or MAC as we still call it) where I can pull out money charge free and buy stamps! Oh how I love you Sheetz.

BUT....being the oh so super mom that I am (sense the sarcasm?), I forgot a stroller and I look back and notice Syd has NO shoes....little runaway clumbsy Syd has NO SHOES...Think....Okay, I have to do this, so I grab Sara then head over to Syd's side and hoist her up on my right hip (not has strong as the left). I got the wallet and clicker in my hand, a 20ish pound 10 month old on one side, a 26 lb 2 year old with no shoes on the other. Hands full and head into Sheetz.

I got the pity

I got the "Oh you have your hands full" comments...
hands full

I head to the ATM...put Sydney down, warn her to stay by Mommy so she doesn't get booboos. Get my money and stamps.

Look over and begin craving a diet pepsi....Oh how I want one.. Can I do it I ask myself?? The last time I tried I ended up spilling the entire thing right outside the Sheetz door...I am going for it..I NEED it that bad.

I allow Sydney to walk over to the fountain on a germ infested, fungus covered floor in her bare feet...Super mom here....

I get my drink, head to the cashier...Syd following with dingy feet. Another mom is there behind me. She smiles. I smile back. I look down and realize that the one who doesnt walk has shoes and the one who does walk has none. Again Super Mom....

I go to move up and some guy tries to but in front...can you not freaking see that I have my hands full?? Damn man. I say, Excuse me....he apologizes.

I pay...I get my kids on both hips and reach for my drink...the mom behind me hands me my drink. She smiles. I smile back and say thank you SO much. Now get the kids, my drink, and myself in the car. Drink on roof, plop Syd in seat, get Sara buckeled...back over to buckle Syd who has made her way to the floor of the car....mind you...covered in french fries, toys, and dirt....BLAH...

I stand up and look down and notice that my bra and cleavage is hanging out....the girls must have been holding on and pulled on it....OH MY....quickly cover it up and look around....Yeah u work my bra out!

Just some construction guys standing there smiling and pretending like they saw nothing....First thought...GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE....

Once I got everyone buckled, me in my seat, slurped my diet Pepsi, and put my keys in the ignition...I felt success. My little trip to Sheetz was action packed with some that book would sell!!

What would your book of you contain??

Monday, May 19, 2008

My little girl is growing up!

It was such a rough and very very longggggg Saturday.

It began at soccer pictures (9am) completely embarrassed because my DS would not join in the group picture and when I grabbed his arm and guided him over to the group...he yelled, "You are hurting me!" Oh my....I was not squeezing, nor pinching, nor hurting him in anyway! He was such drama, so we left. I left looking like the biggest child abuser ever!

We just quit...right there....we did not return! NO MORE SOCCER!

Hubby and I were so frustrated because we watch the other kids on the team and then we watch Noah play...he has the fundamentals down but wants nothing to do with the other kids. So guess what?? He isn't ready then neither are we!

So here is an adorable picture of DS before we went to get the pictures he refused to get.

Finally, when Sydney woke up (late as usual), we wished her a happy birthday and proceeded to get ready for HER day. We loaded up in the car and headed to Pennsylvania for the celebration.

We stopped at Hubby's parents first for DQ icecream cake and opening presents. It was nice and she got her favorite gifts...babies!!

Then, we headed to my parents for food on the grill, cupcakes, yummy sides, and lots of laughter! I used my film camera, so those pictures will be posted very long time later lol lol....however, my brother and his wife Deanna took lots of pictures so once they send them to me, I will post!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday's Weigh in Week 3

It has been a rough week, so I was pretty impressed with my one pound drop. Not bad.... for eating Taco Bell...sorry Hilary I won't rub it in...RUB RUB RUB...heheheheh

So, that is a total of 5 lbs and 13 to go!! I can do it!!

Thanks for all your support!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tea Party for 6

Imagine 5 beautiful little girls and one handsome little boy getting together on one beautiful morning for a tea party......

Did you picture it??

Each of the 5 little girls were dressed in their finest dresses and shoes and the handsome little boy was in his finest suit. They all showed up on their best behaviors, sat at the little laced tables, sipped their apple tea (apple juice) and munched on tasty animal crackers and delicious cupcakes.

Sydney's 2nd birthday tea party was held on Wednesday and was absolultely adorable. My friend, Hilary, took some fabulous pictures! I also took some, but kept forgetting... I know me... forget to take pictures??

The tea party consisted of 2 small kid tables, covered in lace table cloths (old lace curtains I no longer use), lollipop flowers, a Barbie tea set (a more manly tea cup for the handsome little boy), animal crackers, and a cloth napkin folded into a square in the center of each table.

Here are some pictures of the tea party.....

Here are some photos that Hilary took...she has some major talent!! She got some great pictures of the kids and the little things of the party.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and then some

Mom and I

The weekends always go so fast, yet they are so hard to remember!

First, Friday was weigh in day!! I lost 2 lbs!! Total so far= 4 lbs!! That was even with my montly friend visiting...NOT bad....if I do say so.....

After the usual crazy day of commuting Noah to school and back, babysitting, cleaning, treating myself to a egg and cheese bagel and sweet tea at McDonalds, and just "keeping" up, I got to relax at Amy's first crop at her house. We started early around 7ish and cropped till 2:15 in the morning. I got lots done and we made the cutest Mother's Day card. I passed it on to my mom cuz I knew she would keep it!! :) lol....

After finally going to bed around 2:30, I slept till the alarm went off at 7:00. It was so hard to peel my eyes open and get motivated for the biggest waste of time ever in the rain.....the yard sale!!! Unlike Hilary who made a crap load of money, we pulled in about $16....whew....I know right??? We did, however, close up shop 2 1/2 hours early because we could not take it anymore!!! Oh yeah and on top of that it was FREEZING and I had to work online from 8:30-12:30, so I was SO SO SO tired......

As soon as my shift was over, the yard sale was shut down, we went to the mall and spent the $16 and then some......on a new outfit for hubby......(reason?? you ask...I will tell later when I can).

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day!! GORGEOUS!!

We got our new grill...thanks Jason for helping!! We are using it tonight for dinner and I can't wait. It has been 2 years since we had one!!!

Then, our friends' daughter came over and had a sleepover!! I got lots of sleep that night cuz she slept with Noah and we didn't get bothered all night!! WEWHOO!!!!!

My friends Hilary and Mary stopped by and we chatted....they are great!!

Sunday (Mother's Day)

I got up and got groceries...I know Mother's Day right?? Oh it WAS a gift...Hubby home with kids and me at the store ALONE!! I chuckled as I passed other moms screaming at their kids...hehehehehehhe....

We then headed to PA to surprise my mom with a dinner prepared by my brothers and I (with the help of my grandfather and their wives!!). She was happy, I think...SHE BETTER HAVE

Mom, ME, and Deanna (my sister-in law)

Daddy and I (is he trying to keep from blinking?)

My parents and I

Mom, Andrew (my brother) and Deanna

Sister in law Ashley and I (where is Mikey??)

Mikey and Ashley's new addition, Lilly Grace

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things to look forward to

This week has already been crazy. Noah had soccer practice for the second time last night. We are amazed at the fundamentals the boy has and how well coordinated he is for his size. I watch him and I am just so proud. He still is very nervous and shy about interacting with the other kids, but we are giving him his time and space to be comfortable. We know he will come around, but until then, he can be himself!

He got his uniform and extras last night at practice. He was so excited!! As soon as he got in the car, he ripped it open and started shouting to us about it. Time will tell.

I work online tonight and Thursday night. Anything for some money right? Oh, how I dread it. I, unfortunately, or should I say fortunetly, did not get many hours this time.....mixed feelings I guess. This is a busy time of the year....many birthdays and Mother's Day and what not.....I suppose I can't complain!

I am SO looking forward to my friend's crop night this Friday night. I got so much I want to work on! I am a year behind on both kids! I don't know how I will catch up! But, I will not let that stop way...I am a cropping machine!! Camping trips last summer, pumpkin patch, and pool pictures will be done Friday night....I also have a little page in the works....Using a song's lyrics...I can't wait to do that one!!

Okay, that was a little boring but what can I say?? I can't wait to have some time for ME!!

Then, bright and early Saturday morning is our Community Yard is kinda funny when the first couple years we moved in, the community yard sale went on and we did the shopping cuz we didn't have anything to sell....and now....I want to open up my house and start selling EVERYTHING!!! Oh yeah, some how and at some point I have to get ready for this yard sale... Oh maybe Friday...LOL....

Noah also has his first game of the season on Saturday morning. Daddy will have to take him while I sit at the yard sale. I have mixed feelings about not being there. I think he will do better without his comfort lovey (Me.) but I want to watch him!! AH!!! He will be fine and probably better with Daddy! So, while Noah is at his game with Daddy, Sydney and I will be maning the yard sale...selling all the stuff that I can't stand looking at any longer.

Then, Sunday is Mothers Day as all we mothers know. What will be in store for me?? Only time will tell (once again) cuz my hubby isn't much of a planner, maybe a last minute card he has the kids make so he can play off the Sorry honey I forgot...or maybe a "You can pick out what you want" card....we will see....either way, I will just be blessed to have the best 2 kids in the world and a great hubby to share it all with!

Then of course there is celebrating my mother.... while she is putting around the house, maybe just maybe she will get something special from me....little ol' me. :)

Well, that is it for the ramblings of a beautiful Tuesday morning...I think I am off to take a shower. I deserve that today!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's Weigh in

It really hasn't been that terrible starting up the WW again. I think I needed to CONTROL something in my life. I am so very not a control freak about much of anything....just not in my nature and frankly I like it that way, however, taking control over what I eat to get healthier feels great!

This week, I lived off of Weight control oatmeal from Quacker, 1 % milk, bananas, lots of water, pretzel sticks, chicken fries from the Schwann man...dude I can eat 8 of them for only 3 points!! Gotta love that, Subway subs, grilled chicken, brocholli, grilled chicken sandwich from Wendys and MORE WATER!! Next week I am going to spice up my lunch with some chicken fries on a salad!! YUMMY!!

Okay so you want to know how much I have lost since I started this WW on Monday??? YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW??? Don't get that excited cuz it hasn't even been a full week.......

2 freaking pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking sacrified sweet teas for a whole 2 pounds?? WTH?? is all good cuz next Friday will blow everyone out of the water!! LOOK OUT STONEBRIDGE CUZ HERE COMES HOT MAMA OF 2 UP TO THE POOL!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

130th post

That is all I had in me this morning for a creative title So back it off! HA!

Noah is home today...he is sitting on the couch trying to watch Camp Lazlo with one eye....very funny.

I am so excited cuz the baby I watch is crawling!! It is so exciting!! So, I am pulling out the baby gate!! AGAIN!! lol

Birds are making noise in my dryer vent already this morning....I don't understand what they are doing in there cuz when I pull out the tubey thing it is empty, but then again, I keep turning on the dryer and blowing out their work.....ugly birds....And I know you are thinking why the heck doesn't she do something about it??? Well, believe me that is on my list of 50 million things to do.....I will get there...hopefully before they burn my house down.

There was no school here yesterday cuz a group of kids let all the air out of the tires at the bus shed. Those little bastards are going to be in a heap of trouble....cameras?? DUH....

I have to get prepared for my daughter's birthday! I have so many things going on right now so I need to put my focus on that....invitations should be out already!! AHHH!!! That is letter B on my ABC list!!

Get me motivated!!!

OH OH OH...I have been so good all week! I haven't had a single sweet tea since Sunday when Kim and I stopped for one in Pittsburgh!! I have been a good girl, cuz tomorrow is Weigh in day!! Amy K I hope you are ready girl!! You probably kicked my A double S since I didn't start till Monday morning....Bad girl I am!! Bad!! BAD BAD!!!

Off to get this house together and begin my day!!