Thursday, May 1, 2008

130th post

That is all I had in me this morning for a creative title So back it off! HA!

Noah is home today...he is sitting on the couch trying to watch Camp Lazlo with one eye....very funny.

I am so excited cuz the baby I watch is crawling!! It is so exciting!! So, I am pulling out the baby gate!! AGAIN!! lol

Birds are making noise in my dryer vent already this morning....I don't understand what they are doing in there cuz when I pull out the tubey thing it is empty, but then again, I keep turning on the dryer and blowing out their work.....ugly birds....And I know you are thinking why the heck doesn't she do something about it??? Well, believe me that is on my list of 50 million things to do.....I will get there...hopefully before they burn my house down.

There was no school here yesterday cuz a group of kids let all the air out of the tires at the bus shed. Those little bastards are going to be in a heap of trouble....cameras?? DUH....

I have to get prepared for my daughter's birthday! I have so many things going on right now so I need to put my focus on that....invitations should be out already!! AHHH!!! That is letter B on my ABC list!!

Get me motivated!!!

OH OH OH...I have been so good all week! I haven't had a single sweet tea since Sunday when Kim and I stopped for one in Pittsburgh!! I have been a good girl, cuz tomorrow is Weigh in day!! Amy K I hope you are ready girl!! You probably kicked my A double S since I didn't start till Monday morning....Bad girl I am!! Bad!! BAD BAD!!!

Off to get this house together and begin my day!!


Hilary said...

I AM SURE WEIGH IN #1 WILL BE AWESOME! Lisha, even a 1 pound weight loss is a celebration!!!
Hang in there 'cause the detox is hell!!!!!
Sorry the birds are still attacking but... you could live across the street from the alien bird antennae!!!! The driveway is now target practice (or should I say the Camry :).
Hang in there fellow Weight Watcher!

Mary said...

Weight watchers. Yeah I do that but I watch it just crawl onto my body. Keep up the good work!