Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday's Weigh in Week 3

It has been a rough week, so I was pretty impressed with my one pound drop. Not bad.... for eating Taco Bell...sorry Hilary I won't rub it in...RUB RUB RUB...heheheheh

So, that is a total of 5 lbs and 13 to go!! I can do it!!

Thanks for all your support!


Hilary said...

You can rub it in... just remember... if you hit a plateau like me... I'm gonna get ya! I am going to break that sucker if it kills me. And, it just might kill me :).
GREAT JOB! I am really proud of you and you are looking great!

Cameron said...

WAY TO GO LISHA!!!! Proud of you too. You do look great. Love ya.