Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Weigh in Week 5

Okay it is week 5 of my attempt to do Weight Watchers at home with no online and no meetings except for the discussions, complaining, and celebrations with my friends.

This week's verdict: GAIN 1 POUND!! AHHH!!!

Not bad for being up 3 on Tuesday morning here is where I went wrong:

taco bell

SWEET TEA (just once through the week, when I usually only have it Friday as part of the "flex points")


Cravings...I gave in....just a few times....

Memorial Day food......Hey I wasn't too bad....
Memorial Day

Best MONTHLY friend is coming soon.....may I say water retention and bloat, even my boobs won't fit in my bra!! OMG!!! LMAO


However, I am walking now with Coach Mary and Hilary and night walks with Amy that should help EVENTUALLY!!!

Wish me luck...I just had McDonalds LOL....I am on my way....

Signing off....lots to get accomplished today!


Hilary said...

How do you walk with water retention like THAT???? You will get right back on track... if Shane takes your car keys (smile).
I know you... you will be down 3 pounds next week!

Cameron said...

Do not fear, you will lose it all again. Good God how does someone with those breast survive???? I would have the worst backache EVER!

tracy said...

you are sick....where do you find these photos...they crack me up..... keep your chin up....your doing little set back we all have them.....