Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday's Weigh in

It really hasn't been that terrible starting up the WW again. I think I needed to CONTROL something in my life. I am so very not a control freak about much of anything....just not in my nature and frankly I like it that way, however, taking control over what I eat to get healthier feels great!

This week, I lived off of Weight control oatmeal from Quacker, 1 % milk, bananas, lots of water, pretzel sticks, chicken fries from the Schwann man...dude I can eat 8 of them for only 3 points!! Gotta love that, Subway subs, grilled chicken, brocholli, grilled chicken sandwich from Wendys and MORE WATER!! Next week I am going to spice up my lunch with some chicken fries on a salad!! YUMMY!!

Okay so you want to know how much I have lost since I started this WW on Monday??? YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW??? Don't get that excited cuz it hasn't even been a full week.......

2 freaking pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaking sacrified sweet teas for a whole 2 pounds?? WTH?? is all good cuz next Friday will blow everyone out of the water!! LOOK OUT STONEBRIDGE CUZ HERE COMES HOT MAMA OF 2 UP TO THE POOL!!!


Courtney said...

YAY!! Two pounds is a great way to start!!

~d said...

2 lbs is a couple sticks of butta.

thanks for the plug ( whimsy)
(((((((((((huggssssss))))) as promised

good job
now motivate me.

Mary said...

Thanks, i gained that 2 pounds. I had cake 2 times today and a cookie. I thought maybe I should dish up what I normally eat, take away half of it and I would lose weight. See how my bizarre mind works?

Hilary said...

I think two pounds is great! Go with it, roll with it... you will take off and meet your goal! Congrats on the two pounds fellow Weight Watcher!


That is great that you lost 2 lbs! I know how hard it can be.

tracy said...

Hey give yourself a break two pounds is awesome......there is this new book at barnes and noble and target im not sure the name but it gives you better options while being at fast food....and surprisingly most hamburgers are better than grilled chicken tells you the fat and calories of each.....apparently the fast food places soak the chicken in butter so as we think we are being good...they are again tricking us......the book is all pictures....its pretty cool....check it out.

Jackie said...

You go girl...kick butt! Poor Syd by the way...hope her pink eye is getting better!