Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good friends and good books

You know you have good friends when you make a small comment about how you could use a good book on your rambling blog, a comment that would usually get lost amongst your rambling...but good friends pick up on it and each bring you two books to read.

Mary and Hilary were walking away through the community on their way to do a driveby my house to see if I could join them, when hubby and I were on our way out of the community. We see them ahead, slow down, and stop to chat. They both whip out 2 books each.....oh I am so full of good books...I keep thinking when is hubby leaving to play poker???

The best part of this story is the books they brought and how they fit in my life. Let me proceed:

First, Mary brought me 2 great books:

Book 1: Judy Blume's Wifey

Book 2: Judy Blume's Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume $1
Funny thing is...I have read both...because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Judy Blume. I loved her as a child and I love her as an adult. So, when Mary handed me those two books...I thought.....

Friends for Life

That is Mary...she is my Judy Blume...She is my comfort....
And that she has the same two books as I have :)

Now for the final two books...Hilary brought:

Book 1: citizengirl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

I have not read this...but it looks very page turning... first chapter is Doris Mindfuck....already is intriguing!
So, I go to book 2.
Book 2: Babes in Captivity by Pamela Redmond Satran
Neither book have I read, but both are catching my attention.
This one starts out...."I hate my husband."
So, I quickly began got my attention...hehehe
Hilary is my wild. She is my laughter, my sarcasm....

true friend

Thank you girls for doing what you did today. One little act of kindness made my entire YEAR!! You are the best!

Love you girls!!


Courtney said...

Both of those Judy Blume books are great!!

Cameron said...

Thank you, Lisha for the sweet post. Glad we saw you as you were heading out. Hope you had a good time at Jolie's. Enjoy the books. I have more when you finish!