Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Got me thinking...

Just like everything in my life, things are put on hold. For example, my favorite television shows are now DVRed because I just can't find the time to sit down and watch them when they are actually know...bath time, books, then bed time (mainly for the 5 year old who still needs Mommy to sit with him to fall asleep...but at least he is still in his OWN bed). So, by the time I make it downstairs and begin my night....load the dishwasher, clean up the toys, and fold a couple loads of laundry it is now 9:30 pm at the earliest.

Last night was very much similar minus the hubby. He went and played poker with our neighbor. SECRET: Don't tell but I actually enjoyed the time without him..Shhh...doing bedtime is is quiet...we had routine.

With Daddy, we have NO quiet, NO routine.....he cranks the television up as loud as he can (you know 31 year old male hearing loss) and makes the routine what he feels like doing that night.

Tonight was different. I bathed the kids, cleaned up the bathroom, brushed teeth, took them downstairs for 10 minutes of quiet play (no tv blaring in the background), went back upstairs for two quiet books (no tv blaring in the background), then I put Syd in her crib and back to lay with Noah. They both were out by 9:30. I went downstairs did the ritual, then laid on the couch at 10:00 to watch DVRed American Idol....then, I laid there with the silence surrounding me....

Oh how I loved it....what I wanted was to read a good book, but I am fresh out, so I decided to get caught up on my favorite shows...

Samantha Who??
Samantha Who?

Oh how I love this humor, totally my humor to a T...

it began with the Book of Sam....and it showed the library with the different sections. I got to thinking...

The Book of Lisha....what type of book?
Humor?? Fiction? Nonfiction?? Action??

I think it is a little bit of all of it. Being a mother to my high maintence kids and a wife to my hubby would encompass all the sections in one. For example....

Hubby texts me: Still no call.

I text: Oh well...not God's plan

Hubby: Yeah I guess.

Me: Stop stressing.

Hubby: I just don't get it, they said such great things about me.

Me: Well, maybe they haven't made their decision yet.

Hubby: Oh they did. I need to get over it and move on. I just don't get it.

Me: Me neither. But I love you n this isn't the plan.

Hubby: K love u

Me: love u 2

This same conversation repeated about 10 times over and over again during the past 5 days.

My book has Drama. Hubby is my drama. I don't do drama, but hubby does. He interviewed for his dream job in PA, but hasn't heard anything. We are now waiting for the rejection letter....and that my friends is when the drama will skyrocket. Amy K be

My book is also filled with action and struggle.
Hubby reminds me this morning as he kisses me goodbye. (Mind you I am half asleep and don't have the energy to argue back about having kids all day). "Honey, you need to go get money and send out the birthday card to your mom and Mother's Day card to mine." I wimper, "Kay," and roll back over to sleep.

While in the shower, I remember...Oh my....our bank is 30 minutes away and with gas at 3.79 a gallon I am not driving up there to hit the drivethru and I need to get stamps at the Post office drivethru. Reminder: I have a 10 month old little girl I watch and Sydney. I don't do stores with no carts....and pulling out a stroller to hit a gas station and then again at the post office is an absolute NO!! I don't have the energy.

So, my plan Stan:
I drop Noah off and head to Sheetz. That is my one stop shop. They have my bank's ATM (or MAC as we still call it) where I can pull out money charge free and buy stamps! Oh how I love you Sheetz.

BUT....being the oh so super mom that I am (sense the sarcasm?), I forgot a stroller and I look back and notice Syd has NO shoes....little runaway clumbsy Syd has NO SHOES...Think....Okay, I have to do this, so I grab Sara then head over to Syd's side and hoist her up on my right hip (not has strong as the left). I got the wallet and clicker in my hand, a 20ish pound 10 month old on one side, a 26 lb 2 year old with no shoes on the other. Hands full and head into Sheetz.

I got the pity

I got the "Oh you have your hands full" comments...
hands full

I head to the ATM...put Sydney down, warn her to stay by Mommy so she doesn't get booboos. Get my money and stamps.

Look over and begin craving a diet pepsi....Oh how I want one.. Can I do it I ask myself?? The last time I tried I ended up spilling the entire thing right outside the Sheetz door...I am going for it..I NEED it that bad.

I allow Sydney to walk over to the fountain on a germ infested, fungus covered floor in her bare feet...Super mom here....

I get my drink, head to the cashier...Syd following with dingy feet. Another mom is there behind me. She smiles. I smile back. I look down and realize that the one who doesnt walk has shoes and the one who does walk has none. Again Super Mom....

I go to move up and some guy tries to but in front...can you not freaking see that I have my hands full?? Damn man. I say, Excuse me....he apologizes.

I pay...I get my kids on both hips and reach for my drink...the mom behind me hands me my drink. She smiles. I smile back and say thank you SO much. Now get the kids, my drink, and myself in the car. Drink on roof, plop Syd in seat, get Sara buckeled...back over to buckle Syd who has made her way to the floor of the car....mind you...covered in french fries, toys, and dirt....BLAH...

I stand up and look down and notice that my bra and cleavage is hanging out....the girls must have been holding on and pulled on it....OH MY....quickly cover it up and look around....Yeah u work my bra out!

Just some construction guys standing there smiling and pretending like they saw nothing....First thought...GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE....

Once I got everyone buckled, me in my seat, slurped my diet Pepsi, and put my keys in the ignition...I felt success. My little trip to Sheetz was action packed with some that book would sell!!

What would your book of you contain??

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