Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and then some

Mom and I

The weekends always go so fast, yet they are so hard to remember!

First, Friday was weigh in day!! I lost 2 lbs!! Total so far= 4 lbs!! That was even with my montly friend visiting...NOT bad....if I do say so.....

After the usual crazy day of commuting Noah to school and back, babysitting, cleaning, treating myself to a egg and cheese bagel and sweet tea at McDonalds, and just "keeping" up, I got to relax at Amy's first crop at her house. We started early around 7ish and cropped till 2:15 in the morning. I got lots done and we made the cutest Mother's Day card. I passed it on to my mom cuz I knew she would keep it!! :) lol....

After finally going to bed around 2:30, I slept till the alarm went off at 7:00. It was so hard to peel my eyes open and get motivated for the biggest waste of time ever in the rain.....the yard sale!!! Unlike Hilary who made a crap load of money, we pulled in about $16....whew....I know right??? We did, however, close up shop 2 1/2 hours early because we could not take it anymore!!! Oh yeah and on top of that it was FREEZING and I had to work online from 8:30-12:30, so I was SO SO SO tired......

As soon as my shift was over, the yard sale was shut down, we went to the mall and spent the $16 and then some......on a new outfit for hubby......(reason?? you ask...I will tell later when I can).

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day!! GORGEOUS!!

We got our new grill...thanks Jason for helping!! We are using it tonight for dinner and I can't wait. It has been 2 years since we had one!!!

Then, our friends' daughter came over and had a sleepover!! I got lots of sleep that night cuz she slept with Noah and we didn't get bothered all night!! WEWHOO!!!!!

My friends Hilary and Mary stopped by and we chatted....they are great!!

Sunday (Mother's Day)

I got up and got groceries...I know Mother's Day right?? Oh it WAS a gift...Hubby home with kids and me at the store ALONE!! I chuckled as I passed other moms screaming at their kids...hehehehehehhe....

We then headed to PA to surprise my mom with a dinner prepared by my brothers and I (with the help of my grandfather and their wives!!). She was happy, I think...SHE BETTER HAVE

Mom, ME, and Deanna (my sister-in law)

Daddy and I (is he trying to keep from blinking?)

My parents and I

Mom, Andrew (my brother) and Deanna

Sister in law Ashley and I (where is Mikey??)

Mikey and Ashley's new addition, Lilly Grace


Hilary said...

I am glad you had a great mother's day! The pics were great to see! I am so proud of you on your weight loss! Keep it up... or I might jog to your house and bang on your door and yell at you like a bootcamp instructor!!!!! What a busy weekend for you! I hope you are getting some rest... and BTW, I only made a load of money 'cause I had a load of stuff to get rid of before we move!!!!

Mary said...

Hey, I had a great time for Mother's Day. You guys are so great! Lilly took the best picture!

Cameron said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I am a bit delayed even though we did chat on Mother's Day. It was great to get together that evening too...compliments of Leo. It looks like you spent Mother's Day with your lovely mother and it looks like everyone including the dog, had a good time.

Courtney said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!! Looks like you had a great day! And hooray on the weight loss!!