Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things to look forward to

This week has already been crazy. Noah had soccer practice for the second time last night. We are amazed at the fundamentals the boy has and how well coordinated he is for his size. I watch him and I am just so proud. He still is very nervous and shy about interacting with the other kids, but we are giving him his time and space to be comfortable. We know he will come around, but until then, he can be himself!

He got his uniform and extras last night at practice. He was so excited!! As soon as he got in the car, he ripped it open and started shouting to us about it. Time will tell.

I work online tonight and Thursday night. Anything for some money right? Oh, how I dread it. I, unfortunately, or should I say fortunetly, did not get many hours this time.....mixed feelings I guess. This is a busy time of the year....many birthdays and Mother's Day and what not.....I suppose I can't complain!

I am SO looking forward to my friend's crop night this Friday night. I got so much I want to work on! I am a year behind on both kids! I don't know how I will catch up! But, I will not let that stop me...no way...I am a cropping machine!! Camping trips last summer, pumpkin patch, and pool pictures will be done Friday night....I also have a little page in the works....Using a song's lyrics...I can't wait to do that one!!

Okay, that was a little boring but what can I say?? I can't wait to have some time for ME!!

Then, bright and early Saturday morning is our Community Yard Sale....it is kinda funny when the first couple years we moved in, the community yard sale went on and we did the shopping cuz we didn't have anything to sell....and now....I want to open up my house and start selling EVERYTHING!!! Oh yeah, some how and at some point I have to get ready for this yard sale... Oh maybe Friday...LOL....

Noah also has his first game of the season on Saturday morning. Daddy will have to take him while I sit at the yard sale. I have mixed feelings about not being there. I think he will do better without his comfort lovey (Me.) but I want to watch him!! AH!!! He will be fine and probably better with Daddy! So, while Noah is at his game with Daddy, Sydney and I will be maning the yard sale...selling all the stuff that I can't stand looking at any longer.

Then, Sunday is Mothers Day as all we mothers know. What will be in store for me?? Only time will tell (once again) cuz my hubby isn't much of a planner, maybe a last minute card he has the kids make so he can play off the Sorry honey I forgot...or maybe a "You can pick out what you want" card....we will see....either way, I will just be blessed to have the best 2 kids in the world and a great hubby to share it all with!

Then of course there is celebrating my mother.... while she is putting around the house, maybe just maybe she will get something special from me....little ol' me. :)

Well, that is it for the ramblings of a beautiful Tuesday morning...I think I am off to take a shower. I deserve that today!!


~d said...

oh fun! soccer! make shane take a video and tell him I said: START PLANNING NOW.

You deserve it lady. :0

Cameron said...

You have a lot to look forward too. It is nice to have games to go watch your kids. I can't wait till Cameron gets older for that. I know Cary and I will love watching him play whatever he ends up playing. I agree with Debby....tell Shane I said I am going to get the whip out and start cracking it....tell him he has 5 more days counting today. You DEFINITELY DESERVE IT AND THEN SOME!!!!!

Mary said...

At least he plans...you know your dad. You'll have to let me know when Noah's games are so I can come down for one. Off I go to putter!