Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Counting down the days....

I am officially counting down the days till I get a day off....

Starting yesterday until Friday I have 4 kids all day long....3 of which I am happy to have but the elementary aged child is driving me crazy! He doesn't know what to do with himself! As an 8 year old, I was always doing something or finding something to play....but it seems that 8 year olds just don't "play" anymore. They want to "play" video games and toys are just not cool anymore. I don't get that.

Besides the point, I am ready to go crazy, absolutely insane in the membrane!

I don't know how much I can take!

There is nothing here to do and I can't go anywhere since I don't have the room in my little Matrix to haul them around...

Right now my son and the 8 year old are smashing each other with pillows while I type.....I hope they smash eachother out into a dead sleep!

The little baby I am watching this week is just watching them intently...now she is chewing a rubber snake.

Thank God Sydney is still sleeping! I would be going insane! So, I am officially counting down the days till I get a day off....a day with just my kids...hopefully the rest of the summer! YEAH!! :)

It won't start this weekend since I have to work online next week from Tuesday till Sunday....so that will be at least 4 hours of my day sitting at the computer missing all the fun!! So on Monday the 30th, I will officially be off!!

One thing I am looking forward to is my trip to Pittsburgh to see my friend Kim as a semi-vacation on Monday the 23rd! Yeah...no kids just me, her, and her new little baby! Sweet sweet peace!

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Mary said...

Don't pull your hair out, you'll get a sunburn on the top of your head. Soon you'll have some peace.
Hang in there.