Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stick it to you

Tonight Hubby took Noah to the crick to catch crayfish and hang out "boy" style. Syd and I went for a walk with the hot mamas of Stonebridge.

My boy is a nature lover. He has an appreciation of bugs and creatures of all types. You show him a bug/creature he wants to know all about it...unless he already knows...which he probably does.

So, while walking my phone does its BARING...a special ringtone just for hubby's text messages.

Here is what it read:

Noah kept playen wt this worm at the creek. I told him 2 put it down bc it was time 2 go. He said no bc he likes me! Im like worms dont like people. Noah said he keeps sticken 2 me. So i go over 2 c it and it was a leech! Attachd 2 Noah and it wouldnt let go! LOL!

I was not laughing...I didn't not find this to be a LOL message!! OMG! So, now Noah knows the difference between a worm, a slug, and a leech! Hubby got it off, so it wasn't fully attached thank God!

Noah told me all about the leech sucking his blood on his hand and how much the leech loved him. There you go...take it from Noah even digusting, blood sucking creatures are capable of love!


~d said...


that is so gross and sweet...

so noah..

i cannot beleive it was a leech an the sweet thing said
it likes me

ughh that's one for the scrapbooks if i ever heard it.

~d said...

and that was supposed to be
lmao.. no lamo.

but that' me..

big old LAMO.

jamie said...

Coming from the science nerd I am...That is soooo awesome!!! Coming from the mommy in me....OMG!!! By the way... did Noah at least get to keep it to show it off???

Hilary said...

I give Shane all the credit in the world for not freaking out when he realized what it was!
Noah is the best!

Mary said...

That boy will someday do something with bugs or animals. Just like Mike with a hammer in his hand all the time. My sweet sweet Noah!