Saturday, July 26, 2008

Off to the beach!

We are off to the beach tonight at 3 am! OFF TO NORTH MYRTLE BEACH!! YEAH!!! RUB RUB RUB lol

Till then...happy blogging and have a great week!

Friday, July 25, 2008

God's Plan and then some

UPDATE: Most of you know about the decision we are facing and without saying too much, we are still working on the decision. Just to fill you in....we are waiting for more information in order to make the decision. So, as soon as we know, we will share :) Love ya all and keep us in your prayers that we can follow God's Plan and choose the right path for our future. Thank you all :)

We have been SUPER busy...I are probably thinking how nice it would be to just lay around all summer by the pool (being that we are teachers and have our summers off), but guess what?? We haven't done that but more than 10 times...the average around here for working/nonworking community members lol.....We have been traveling and trying to fit in visits with friends and family and seem to still have no time to fit everyone in. Crazy I tell ya!

We went up to Clarion, PA to visit our college friends last weekend. Two things major happened....the big one for me is that I have reconnected and formed a closer relationship with my already close friend Amy B. (cuz we finally got time for the 2 of us without the kids). I treasure our time together....even if it was only for a few hours and with tons of other people! Isn't it amazing how sometimes just that little bit of time together can rekindle something that was put on the backburner?? I am estactic! Second thing: We figured out that we can NOT let our kids alone's why:

No all started with a little garden they grew together...they are the best of friends!

It looks like down the road we will have to start supervising our weekend visits! LMAO!! They are the sweetest couple in the world! They even bicker like a little ol' couple! SO SWEET!!

We have also spent some time by the pool. Here are some pictures from one of the 10 times we have been there ALL summer! ha! NEWS: Noah is swimming! No swim lessons for us...he just does it....granted it is underwater but it is progression! We are so proud! And Daddy bought him big boy googles and he has been going under the water and diving for sticks and rings! We are so excited for him, so when you see him make sure you tell him! Sydney is loving the pool too...however after an hour she is out and trying on people's sandals and flip flops! Thank God she hasn't ended up with any strange foot fungus! *GAG*

Then this past Monday we headed to PA to visit my family because my grandmother, age 90, is in the nursing home. She wasn't doing well on Sunday, but with the grace of God, she was sitting up in her chair....she is so ready to go "Home", but God seems to want her to hang around more and I am so glad, because she is such an amazing woman. So, please pray for her too. Thank you in advance!

After our visit with my grandmother, which I was worried about the kids being there, who by the way handled it better than me, I realized that their presence is a gift of God in itself. The way they smiled and waved to the residents as we came down the hall and how their faces lit up just to see children, made my day. Made my life....

I was so proud of Noah because as we all know he is shy, but he looked at his great grandmother and said Hi great-grandmother. I was so proud!

We headed back to my parents to relax for awhile before heading back to WV. While there, we took the boat out on the pond, hung out on the front porch, and enjoyed eachother's company.

Relaxing on the porch and the next thing we know.......

Noah takes his sister out on the boat ALL BY THEM FREAKING SELVES!!

But Pappy threw the life saving rope out for noah to catch and pulled them in! It was hilarious!! Somehow in there Sydney got clumped with an oar! Too much!

Signing out! I got a praxis test to take in the AM and I am tired! Then I got the beach to pack for!! We will be gone Sunday-Saturday! Bye till then!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interesting Article

With my Masters degree in special education, a husband who also has a degree in special education, and a love for all children, regardless of the way they look, their ethnicity, their disabilities, etc....we found this article to be very interesting.

We opened the Washington Post this morning and began our usual flipping about. Articles ranged from politics, history, and sports, but one article caught our eye.

Autism: Where's the Support? by Ann Bauer

Check it out! How do you feel about this? Do you know anyone that struggles to find resources?

Thanks :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Delgrosso Park

Tuesday, July 8th we went to our annual FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Picnic at Delgrosso Park in Tipton, PA. We had a blast riding the rides (mainly kiddy rides), eating good food, and spending time with family. Both kids rode all the rides at least 3 times in the Kid's Kingdom and even rode some of the bigger rides like the Catepillar roller coaster. They loved it! When we got hot enough we hit the water park. Sydney was interested in that since it was OVERcrowded, but Noah had a blast.....he had so much fun he took off several times and it was hard to keep up with him!

One of the rides consisted of 3 carts shaped like turtles and about 5 kids got in the turtle and sat in a circle. This is when I had my moment....

Noah got in, helped his sister, and they both took a seat. I watched Noah put his 5 year old protective arm around his sister's neck. She cuddled in close to him as they rode the ride. He kept looking at her and smiling and asking her if she was okay. He never took his arm away till the ride was over......

Me...I stood there sobbing on the sunglasses were on my head and I had to put them on to cover my tears....I couldn't contain myself. All I kept thinking was how I hope they stick together like this for a lifetime and that he will always protect her for years to come. They were adorable and I missed the picture cuz I was too busy crying!!! But here are some more.

GrandPap's Hat...the kids had so much fun trying it on and posing for pictures!

So sleepy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

You would have thought....

With Sydney being healthy, we started a new project....that would be the master bathroom. My parents and grandfather came down on Saturday and helped out :) My dad, Shane, and I painted the bathroom, my mom played with the kids, and my grandfather made us all dinner!

My dad even cleaned out the traps in my sink....oh how they backed up! PUKE! He pulled out stinky stuff, hair, toothpaste scum, and even a dead minnow. (don't ask) lol

After a delicious dinner cooked by the best chef I know, my pap, they headed out. Mom mentioned to Noah that he could come with her, since we were heading up there in the morning for the big Shaffer reunion. He was so excited and ran in to pack his Spongebob Squarepants backpack. He remembered his Simba, his pjs, and his pillow! They were getting ready to head out when Sydney saw that Noah was leaving with them. She threw a fit and kept saying Weep Mimi Weep Mimi. I asked her if she wanted to sleep with Mimi and she nodded and nodded and nodded YES YES YES! We thought she was not getting it that he was actually LEAVING! So, we put her car seat in the car and were going to have them drive around with her, but she understood and she wanted to go too! So, in I went and packed her bag and got her blanky and glowworm. Out the door went 2 grown men, my mother, and two carseats jammed in a little PT Crusier!

Shane and I stood at the porch steps waving...thinking maybe they'd be back with Sydney.....but nothing. The house was quiet.....not a sound......

We went upstairs, cleaned the bathroom up, put it back together, made Oh Henry bars for the reunion, packed the bag for the morning, and went to sleep at midnight.....


I would have slept the night away, but I didn't! I tossed and turned till 3am when I finally fell asleep and then woke again at 4 am and 6 am and 7:30 am. No interruptions in my sleep but the loud snores of Hubby......and I couldn't even get a good nights sleep! I tell ya!

But, a night without the kids and a newly painted bathroom made for a good weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Febrile Seizures

A few years back when my 5 year old son was about 18 months old, we had a scare that we would remember forever. He got sick when my friend Debby was watching him. She gave him Tylenol and by the time we got to him he went into a febrile seizure.

It scared us to death!! I have never witnessed such a thing.....except for the students I had taught...they had seizures but they weren't MY kids and I was already ready for them to happen.

It was completely different when it was your own child. When it happens, you just stare at everything going on and take in the way the eyes look, how it looks like they stop breathing, and wishing it would stop every PROLONGED second it is happening....

That day something clicked in me and I remembered my mother telling me that I had temperature induced seizures when I was a baby as well. So, I knew what it was.....I then prepared myself for the next couple years of never knowing....

We did the best we could in the years to come, but we never knew he was sick until he had them. He had 4 more of them, being the last at age 3, about 4 days after the birth of my daughter. All but one was caused by ear infections. One in which was a throat infection. As soon as we got his adenoids and tonsils out, the seizures and ear infections stopped along with the snoring at night. Also, it is pretty rare that kids have them after age 3. They seem to just grow out of it.

We spent the next couple years thanking God for not making us go through it with Sydney. She had gotten sick at 7 months with an ear infection (teething is to blame on that one) and then a cold/flu later on in year one. Not sick very often....thanks to breastfeeding and having her home with me!
Each time she had a fever and we could treat her just like any other child....motrin every 6 hours and then Tylenol......Whereas Noah always got every 2-3 hours rotating between the two to keep the fever down.


Wednesday....Syd woke up with a fever and we gave her motrin....we did the 4-6 hour rotating of motrin then tylenol until we got into the doctor at 3:30. She was 101.9 at the doctor. Doctor said, "Her throat is red. I will test her for strep." They tested it was negative. Doctor said, "It is probably viral, so if the fever doesn't subside in the next couple days, give her this Zinthromax." She hands me the prescription. With Syd's past, I knew I probably didn't need it and I tucked it into my purse. I got home and gave her tylenol. She was so hot.

I went to the bathroom. She had to stand right in front of me the entire time. She all the sudden looked at me and her eyes were twitching one after the other in a fast pattern. Her eyes went blinking.....just twitching. I yelled for Shane. "OMG She is about to seizure!!!" He ran in, scooped her up, and held her in his arms. I ran behind.

We stood in the living room while she had the blank stare, eyes twitching, and arms twitching. I told him to lay her down on her side. He did. He went to get the phone to dial 911. Noah went and got my neighbor, Amy.

She began convulsing. I wiped her head and back with a lukewarm washcloth while she came out of it. The look on her face, the drooling, the way she held her mouth out, the blank stare, and the twitching and shaking of the arms and legs is burned in my head. To think I just finally forgot those images of my son. Now, I have them of my daughter.

About 2 minutes, what felt like an eternity, she came out of it. She was lethargic just like Noah was.....she fell asleep on the couch. I let her rest while we answered the EMT's questions. Then we she started to come back to us, I scooped her up in my arms and she vomited. That was a new symptom I wasn't used to with my son, but later found out it was normal. Her temp was back down and she was cradled in my arms where she belonged.

We didn't take her to the hospital for fear she'd pick up something else. And also because I had the antibotic safely tucked in my purse. Shane ran to get it filled, along with a huge supply of Feverall (Tylenol suppositories) and Motrin.

Two days later, she is doing better. We even went to the pool today. She is eating, screaming at her brother, and enjoying life again.

So those of you who aren't familiar with febrile seizures....they are not damaging to the brain and is the body's natural way of lowing a high body temperature. Unfortantely, they seem to run on both sides of family, me being the worst. So, when your child gets a fever, be prepared!! :)
Do not freak out... just place him/her on his/her side and wait it out. Check out the website for more information.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Betcha this wasn't OUR walmart

In case you missed my ever so irritated blog about how our areas walmart was voted the crappiest Walmart in America...see my blog below or click this.... Crappiest Walmart

My fellow WV friend LOL Jamie sent this forward today and I was laughing.... so appropriate for the topic....however I'll betcha this didn't happen at OUR crappiest Walmart hahahahahhahah
Thanks Jamie :)

Keep in mind this actually really did happen. This is someone who was moving from an insurance claims office.

Okay so this is how I imagine this conversation went: Wal-Mart Employee: 'Hello 'dis be Walmarts, how can I help you?'

Customer: ' I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.'

Wal-Mart Employee: 'What you want on the cake?'

Customer: 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that 'We will miss you'.
STOP LAUGHING! You can't fix stupid

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My WV Walmart....

Of all the things that can be publiced about the area that we live in and now call home, something as negative as our trashy Wal-mart is ridiculed and makes it sound like the area that we live in is a reflection of our Walmart. If you haven't received my email about the article that was written about our Martinsburg's Wal-Mart...straight from about how our Wally World made the top 500 Crappiest Walmarts in America list. Nice....

I have to say that anyone who has visited or lived in my area has been to our Walmart and has noticed some of the same "scenes" as this man describes. Actually, a few years ago after building a beautiful home in this BEAUTIFUL reflection of our college friend Kim came to visit from Pittsburgh...and we had a good ol time "people watching" at Walmart. We do have some of the most INTERESTING people in most of the country...but amongst some of the scary people, there are nice people who would do anything for you.

I do what I can to avoid going there. INot because of the people, but because of how busy it is. The diversity in our area can be seen at that Walmart he is describing.

However, on another note, I am so excited that they are now putting in a Target near us because I now can go there instead to get all the things I love to spend my money on. So a big kuddos Jeffery Goldberg for your most CRAPPY article about a crappy Walmart in an area that has treated me and my family very well.

You can judge those people all you want and say what you would like, but when my son had his 5 febrile seizures and my daughter just had her first tonight, guess who was here....those people you ridiculed came and helped us. The one EMT had several missing teeth, but did you know that she did that as a VOLUNTEER job. As in the second ambulance that showed up, one was also having some issue with his teeth. I guess it makes your job easier when looking over the list of crappiest Walmarts and seeing WEST VIRGINIA on there... wow, I bet all the good ol' West Virginia jokes and inbreeding stories popped in your head huh?? Guess what?? I see those same types of people in EVERY state that I have ever why not them??? Ass munch.

When I was in my car accident and flipped my car several times and landed in a water filled of those people you described missing his teeth is who risked his life to come pull me out as my gas leaked from my car, so you know what?? Until you live here and meet the people from here, you can bite me with your dumb article.

There you go. I got to blow some steam....I am back people! We have been without Internet for several days, along with some trips...which on a more positive note, I will write about that soon!

All is well on the homefront, except for Sydney's first febrile seizure. I prayed I was in the clear since I have been through this 5 times with Noah. Here I am doing it again....only with more experience under my belt.

Funny....posted and then had to edit because I went back to his articles and he posted one today about the responses he is receiving from the people of WV... hilarious because he discusses how people are feeling this is an attack on our community not our Walmart....hey dumbass...the people of our COMMUNITY shop at our WALMART! Some people. This is his article he posted today.