Friday, July 11, 2008

Febrile Seizures

A few years back when my 5 year old son was about 18 months old, we had a scare that we would remember forever. He got sick when my friend Debby was watching him. She gave him Tylenol and by the time we got to him he went into a febrile seizure.

It scared us to death!! I have never witnessed such a thing.....except for the students I had taught...they had seizures but they weren't MY kids and I was already ready for them to happen.

It was completely different when it was your own child. When it happens, you just stare at everything going on and take in the way the eyes look, how it looks like they stop breathing, and wishing it would stop every PROLONGED second it is happening....

That day something clicked in me and I remembered my mother telling me that I had temperature induced seizures when I was a baby as well. So, I knew what it was.....I then prepared myself for the next couple years of never knowing....

We did the best we could in the years to come, but we never knew he was sick until he had them. He had 4 more of them, being the last at age 3, about 4 days after the birth of my daughter. All but one was caused by ear infections. One in which was a throat infection. As soon as we got his adenoids and tonsils out, the seizures and ear infections stopped along with the snoring at night. Also, it is pretty rare that kids have them after age 3. They seem to just grow out of it.

We spent the next couple years thanking God for not making us go through it with Sydney. She had gotten sick at 7 months with an ear infection (teething is to blame on that one) and then a cold/flu later on in year one. Not sick very often....thanks to breastfeeding and having her home with me!
Each time she had a fever and we could treat her just like any other child....motrin every 6 hours and then Tylenol......Whereas Noah always got every 2-3 hours rotating between the two to keep the fever down.


Wednesday....Syd woke up with a fever and we gave her motrin....we did the 4-6 hour rotating of motrin then tylenol until we got into the doctor at 3:30. She was 101.9 at the doctor. Doctor said, "Her throat is red. I will test her for strep." They tested it was negative. Doctor said, "It is probably viral, so if the fever doesn't subside in the next couple days, give her this Zinthromax." She hands me the prescription. With Syd's past, I knew I probably didn't need it and I tucked it into my purse. I got home and gave her tylenol. She was so hot.

I went to the bathroom. She had to stand right in front of me the entire time. She all the sudden looked at me and her eyes were twitching one after the other in a fast pattern. Her eyes went blinking.....just twitching. I yelled for Shane. "OMG She is about to seizure!!!" He ran in, scooped her up, and held her in his arms. I ran behind.

We stood in the living room while she had the blank stare, eyes twitching, and arms twitching. I told him to lay her down on her side. He did. He went to get the phone to dial 911. Noah went and got my neighbor, Amy.

She began convulsing. I wiped her head and back with a lukewarm washcloth while she came out of it. The look on her face, the drooling, the way she held her mouth out, the blank stare, and the twitching and shaking of the arms and legs is burned in my head. To think I just finally forgot those images of my son. Now, I have them of my daughter.

About 2 minutes, what felt like an eternity, she came out of it. She was lethargic just like Noah was.....she fell asleep on the couch. I let her rest while we answered the EMT's questions. Then we she started to come back to us, I scooped her up in my arms and she vomited. That was a new symptom I wasn't used to with my son, but later found out it was normal. Her temp was back down and she was cradled in my arms where she belonged.

We didn't take her to the hospital for fear she'd pick up something else. And also because I had the antibotic safely tucked in my purse. Shane ran to get it filled, along with a huge supply of Feverall (Tylenol suppositories) and Motrin.

Two days later, she is doing better. We even went to the pool today. She is eating, screaming at her brother, and enjoying life again.

So those of you who aren't familiar with febrile seizures....they are not damaging to the brain and is the body's natural way of lowing a high body temperature. Unfortantely, they seem to run on both sides of family, me being the worst. So, when your child gets a fever, be prepared!! :)
Do not freak out... just place him/her on his/her side and wait it out. Check out the website for more information.


Cameron said...

That is good you posted this for parents who may read it. Thanks for sharing. I am sorry you had to go through such a traumatic event. I know it must have been super scary! At least know you can treat Sydney the way you treat Noah when she gets a fever from now on. Also, the pictures are so sweet. I just love the one of you two at the end of the blog. ((((HUGS)))) you deserve them. Glad she is feeling better!

Mary said...

I'll have to tell annie that you put this on your site. I know it's a scary thing. I drove to the hospital with you still in a seizure and I had to use that clutch and shift gears all while holding you in my arms the whole 8 miles. SCARED TO DEATH! Thank God you were fine and you only did it to me 2 more times after that.

Tracy said...

Alicia....your amazing....i would be freaking handle everything so well.....thank god her fever is down and back to normal. Give her a hug from us!

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

I was so choked up reading this!! THANK GOD she (and your son) pulled through this. I was ignorant about these seizures until now. Thanks for posting this.