Friday, July 25, 2008

God's Plan and then some

UPDATE: Most of you know about the decision we are facing and without saying too much, we are still working on the decision. Just to fill you in....we are waiting for more information in order to make the decision. So, as soon as we know, we will share :) Love ya all and keep us in your prayers that we can follow God's Plan and choose the right path for our future. Thank you all :)

We have been SUPER busy...I are probably thinking how nice it would be to just lay around all summer by the pool (being that we are teachers and have our summers off), but guess what?? We haven't done that but more than 10 times...the average around here for working/nonworking community members lol.....We have been traveling and trying to fit in visits with friends and family and seem to still have no time to fit everyone in. Crazy I tell ya!

We went up to Clarion, PA to visit our college friends last weekend. Two things major happened....the big one for me is that I have reconnected and formed a closer relationship with my already close friend Amy B. (cuz we finally got time for the 2 of us without the kids). I treasure our time together....even if it was only for a few hours and with tons of other people! Isn't it amazing how sometimes just that little bit of time together can rekindle something that was put on the backburner?? I am estactic! Second thing: We figured out that we can NOT let our kids alone's why:

No all started with a little garden they grew together...they are the best of friends!

It looks like down the road we will have to start supervising our weekend visits! LMAO!! They are the sweetest couple in the world! They even bicker like a little ol' couple! SO SWEET!!

We have also spent some time by the pool. Here are some pictures from one of the 10 times we have been there ALL summer! ha! NEWS: Noah is swimming! No swim lessons for us...he just does it....granted it is underwater but it is progression! We are so proud! And Daddy bought him big boy googles and he has been going under the water and diving for sticks and rings! We are so excited for him, so when you see him make sure you tell him! Sydney is loving the pool too...however after an hour she is out and trying on people's sandals and flip flops! Thank God she hasn't ended up with any strange foot fungus! *GAG*

Then this past Monday we headed to PA to visit my family because my grandmother, age 90, is in the nursing home. She wasn't doing well on Sunday, but with the grace of God, she was sitting up in her chair....she is so ready to go "Home", but God seems to want her to hang around more and I am so glad, because she is such an amazing woman. So, please pray for her too. Thank you in advance!

After our visit with my grandmother, which I was worried about the kids being there, who by the way handled it better than me, I realized that their presence is a gift of God in itself. The way they smiled and waved to the residents as we came down the hall and how their faces lit up just to see children, made my day. Made my life....

I was so proud of Noah because as we all know he is shy, but he looked at his great grandmother and said Hi great-grandmother. I was so proud!

We headed back to my parents to relax for awhile before heading back to WV. While there, we took the boat out on the pond, hung out on the front porch, and enjoyed eachother's company.

Relaxing on the porch and the next thing we know.......

Noah takes his sister out on the boat ALL BY THEM FREAKING SELVES!!

But Pappy threw the life saving rope out for noah to catch and pulled them in! It was hilarious!! Somehow in there Sydney got clumped with an oar! Too much!

Signing out! I got a praxis test to take in the AM and I am tired! Then I got the beach to pack for!! We will be gone Sunday-Saturday! Bye till then!!

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Mary said...

Sounds like a good summer to me. Wish I was at tbe beach with you!