Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My WV Walmart....

Of all the things that can be publiced about the area that we live in and now call home, something as negative as our trashy Wal-mart is ridiculed and makes it sound like the area that we live in is a reflection of our Walmart. If you haven't received my email about the article that was written about our Martinsburg's Wal-Mart...straight from about how our Wally World made the top 500 Crappiest Walmarts in America list. Nice....

I have to say that anyone who has visited or lived in my area has been to our Walmart and has noticed some of the same "scenes" as this man describes. Actually, a few years ago after building a beautiful home in this BEAUTIFUL reflection of our college friend Kim came to visit from Pittsburgh...and we had a good ol time "people watching" at Walmart. We do have some of the most INTERESTING people in most of the country...but amongst some of the scary people, there are nice people who would do anything for you.

I do what I can to avoid going there. INot because of the people, but because of how busy it is. The diversity in our area can be seen at that Walmart he is describing.

However, on another note, I am so excited that they are now putting in a Target near us because I now can go there instead to get all the things I love to spend my money on. So a big kuddos Jeffery Goldberg for your most CRAPPY article about a crappy Walmart in an area that has treated me and my family very well.

You can judge those people all you want and say what you would like, but when my son had his 5 febrile seizures and my daughter just had her first tonight, guess who was here....those people you ridiculed came and helped us. The one EMT had several missing teeth, but did you know that she did that as a VOLUNTEER job. As in the second ambulance that showed up, one was also having some issue with his teeth. I guess it makes your job easier when looking over the list of crappiest Walmarts and seeing WEST VIRGINIA on there... wow, I bet all the good ol' West Virginia jokes and inbreeding stories popped in your head huh?? Guess what?? I see those same types of people in EVERY state that I have ever why not them??? Ass munch.

When I was in my car accident and flipped my car several times and landed in a water filled of those people you described missing his teeth is who risked his life to come pull me out as my gas leaked from my car, so you know what?? Until you live here and meet the people from here, you can bite me with your dumb article.

There you go. I got to blow some steam....I am back people! We have been without Internet for several days, along with some trips...which on a more positive note, I will write about that soon!

All is well on the homefront, except for Sydney's first febrile seizure. I prayed I was in the clear since I have been through this 5 times with Noah. Here I am doing it again....only with more experience under my belt.

Funny....posted and then had to edit because I went back to his articles and he posted one today about the responses he is receiving from the people of WV... hilarious because he discusses how people are feeling this is an attack on our community not our Walmart....hey dumbass...the people of our COMMUNITY shop at our WALMART! Some people. This is his article he posted today.


Cameron said...

This is my letter to dear Jeffrey.

Dear Jeffrey,

The people of Martinsburg are upset with you because when you "attacked Wal-mart" you focused mainly on the people you saw with your eyes. You did not mention more than a few observations of the store itself. So, yes, when you say people are upset, it IS because the people you judged ARE our community members. It saddens me that your judgemental eyes could not see past the appearances of the people you gazed at not knowing what their life story has been. Just remember, until you walk a mile in their shoes.....I can only hope that on your "special day of judgement" that God or the higher power that you believe in, is far more accepting.


Maryrose Gill (and I am not afraid to sign my name)

I am glad that Sydney is sleeping peacefully tonight. I hope she feels better soon. I know how scary that was for all of you even with some prior experience with it from Noah. Let me know if you need ANYTHING! Give her a hug from us.

Hilary said...

Can I not leave for just 7 days? :).
Okay... first thing, I hope Sydney gets MUCH better! As a mother, I can't imagine how frightened you were with the seizure! I am checking my emails daily so please let me know how she is doing and if you need anything!
Secondly, I was OUTRAGED by the attack on West Virginians... because that was truly what the "message" (intended or not) that came to fruition. Leo and I were stunned by the writing.
I do avoid WalMart here for several reasons but let's be honest... as you stated... every state has it's diverse community and I have lived in many of them :).
Signing off from the corn fields!

jamie said...

To be honest, when I read the title of the article I thought... yeah we do have a crappy Wal-mart. As I read the article I became very upset because it became less about Wal-mart and more about the people of WV. Here are the facts. Our Wal-mart is dirty. There are scary people in our Wal-mart and some of my former students work and shop there. But those are not the reasons I try to avoid Wal-mart at all costs. I avoid that place because it is always super busy and traffic is a nightmare over there. For this man to judge Wal-mart by the way the shoppers look or what they can afford to buy is insane! I personally look pretty scary sometimes when I venture in there! I only hope if he had to choose between feeding his family and loosing a couple of teeth, he would loose the teeth....I know I would!

Mary said...

I've been in several wal-marts here in good ole Pennsylvania and we have the same people and the same crappy wal-mart. Jeffrey was judging people, not a crappy wal-mart. Curses to you Jeffrey.

Kiki said...

Good for people to know.