Monday, August 11, 2008

Fair, Crabs, and Animals

This weekend was filled with the county fair, catching crabs, and going to the zoo (next blog). Friday-Sunday our nephew came to visit with his Mommy and Daddy. We had such a good time visiting with them.

While I was working hard online Friday, they headed to the creek behind our house to play, then off to the pool...while I continued to work.

However, my shift was cancelled which allowed me to join them at the pool. I was so excited...I got my swimsuit on, my cover-up, and sandals. I jumped in my hubby's car, turned the key, and nothing....dead....dead as a door nail. I texted hubby, no reply, so my only ride to the pool was the rusty ten-speed bike hanging on the garage wall.

With a heave and a hoe....I yanked that bike down onto the ground, hoping noone saw it nail me on the back as I muffled a scream under my breath. I jumped on that bike (all Wizard of Oz like) and started my short, but very up-hill ride to our community pool.

I had to get off and push part of the way up cuz this SO out of shape Mama couldn't make it the whole way. We had a relaxing swim at the pool and after we were cold enough we headed home. I had a great ride back on the bike. Syd rode on the back and it was all down hill!!

On Saturday, we left our company at our house and headed up to PA for my brother and my sister-in-law's picnic. We had a good time! The kids played with my SIL's family and made tie dye t-shirts. Great food and great times!

Saturday evening we made it home and headed to our county fair. We were so excited to see the animals, but after $10 to get in.....we found out the animals left Friday. We were so disappointed! So, we ate some greasy, fattening fair food, played some games, checked out the exhibits and people, and headed home.

Sunday morning they headed home.

We headed to the creek with our neighbors. It is our favorite place to be during the warm months.....when I say "we" I mean hubby and the kids. I could do without the knats, ticks, leeches, and snakes. But I can't keep Noah away!! He and Daddy go down there and spend a couple hours, almost daily, catching crayfish and minnows. Noah will remember this forever!

My dirty, cutie

Syd venturing out

The bucket of crayfish

Maddie, Bradley, & Noah searching

Haley OMG is
that an alligator??

Water is a little cold

huh Tiffany??

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Mary said...

Love the creek pictures. Remember how much time you spent in our creek when you were growing up.