Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good first day!

I know you are DYING to know how the first day went LOL...like you have NOTHING else to do right now....so here it goes!

I didn't cry.....I made it through making him his chocolate chip pancakes, putting his backpack on, taking the first of many pictures, and watching him be so independent getting on his bus. He told me I was being ridiculous taking pictures when all he wanted to do was get on the bus and go to school. HA!

Here are some pictures of the morning.

Everyone at the bus stop waiting! Lots of new kindergarteners!

Here comes the bus!

Loading on the big yellow bus!

Off goes my little man! And......

Yes, I followed the bus to the school. He made it safely! lol...actually it was because I had 2 large bags of donations that I did not want him to have to take with him on the bus, so I took them in! I got a cute video of him with the other kindergarteners getting in line to go inside the school. I will hopefully get that uploaded soon....

Gotta get back to my BUSY crazy life! :)


Cameron said...

That is AWESOME! I love the picture of him inside the bus in the window. Beautiful. I am glad day two went well too. You're a GREAT mommy!

~d said...

I'm bawling. I"m literally bawling.

The one with him in the window.

OH my heart.

Do this for me in year ok?
And RILEY! awwwwwwww
I do miss it there.
So many good people.

Hilary said...

Great pics! Thank you for sharing these... it does my heart good from a distance! I am glad to hear that you did really well. I am dreading those days ahead of me. Alden went outside and blew kisses Noah's way!

Lisha said...

D~ Make sure you get a glimpse of the picture of the kids all loading on the bus....remember the map I drew for you to update you on everything going on in the community?? Remember the chic that is breaking up marriages..OH WAIT!! I am going to see if your phone number works cuz I MUST call you....well, that is the chick that is doing it!!!!

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Love the picture of him on the bus, waving! UGH! tear-jearker! Glad you survived!