Monday, August 18, 2008

I got this....

Okay first with a little update from my Noah not sleeping in his own bed all night situation....

I figured it out.....

He hates his futon bed. Why? It is hard and uncomfortable! He is in it because frankly...we are on a NO beds till I begin working again.
How I solved this??
Simple: I moved him to the spare bedroom. He is now sleeping in my bed from when I was little that my grandfather so beautifully redid for me. He loves it! And he falls asleep and STAYS asleep to our county school's station for updates on the schools. It is just words across the screen with some cheesy instrumental music with a great night light!! He now comes over to us at 5:30 in the morning instead of 1:30!! It is awesome!

Whatever works right?? That's my philosophy!

Second, I got my organization completed :) I will share at the bottom.
Third, we went to Dutch Wonderland.....not my favorite place in the world. OVERcrowded and it was WAY too hot for such crowded places.
B-O baby...that is what I smelled all day and WASNT mine! The water part was a parents' worst nightmare but at least the kids had fun. I guess that is all that matters! Delgrosso Park is much quieter and family friendly! Also about the same distance!! Heck even Lakemont is better.

Even though I was irritated and hot....I must say that my kids had a blast and loved some of the rides. There is a beautiful garden with arch bridges going over them which was worth the trip in itself!
And of course people, I forgot the camera! But I did get some pictures of the kids on the way home fast what this trip did was knock my kids out! YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth....I am a frog murderer! After mowing the yard the other day, my son went out to catch a few of the million crickets in the backyard only to find this......WARNING WARNING: THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR WEAK STOMACHS!!!!

So I am now officially a frog murderer. Noah told me, "Mommy, YOU KILLED THIS POOR FROG who was just trying to have some dinner! I need to call Grandma." So......he told the Grandma police on Mommy the frog murderer!!!!!!!

My laundry room for organization of the kids' coats (mine and the ones I babysit), bookbags, shoes, gloves, hats, and all that jazz.

I organized my linen closet. This is one area in my house that typically stays prettty organized since I am the only one who gets in here....I do the laundry, I change the towels and the sheets, and I get out extra toilet paper.


What I did was took a big basket (comes in 3's at Michaels) and folded up all my hand towels and washclothes for in there......

Folded my sheets Martha Stewart style and this is what I got:


One way I always keep my son and hubby's t-shirt drawers and undieroos' drawers organized is rolling their shirts and undies......

Works like a charm!!


Hilary said...

WOW! I'm lovin' it!!!! It all looks fantastic! You are an organizational Queen!
The dead frog, though... should have kissed him with your lips... not the mower... eeeewwwwwiiiieee or just plain YUCK!

tracy said...

hey alicia, you need to open up a business on organization......looks good!

Cameron said...

COOL! It looks amazing! How many WV t-shirts are in that drawer? LOL Dead frog...not so amazing! Thanks for the link to the meals...I needed some new ideas.

~d said...

Listen this is like THE BEST idea I've come across.. the tshirt part. i love it.