Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay Okay...I'll spill it....

Life is full of roads...roads that can lead you one way and others that lead you other directions. Those roads are the choices we encounter.

You get choices in life. You get to choose those options. Sometimes there are risks with those choices, but you got to take them and see which choice is the best for you and your family.

I was taught to take the road less travelled....
I was taught that change was a good thing.
Change made you more well-rounded, more open to things in life.
Change allows options in your life. I like to say that my mom is the reason I love change so much. I like to believe that it's because she moved the furniture around so much when I was growing up. My mother is the type of person who gets bored with the furniture always in the same literally drives her insane.

I get that from her. I love to move the furniture around. I move it just to feel change. Weird?? I know...but when you sit in the house all day long as a SAHM you have to CHANGE why not?? Simple, and creative fun.

Change and Hubby do not go together. They go together like water and oil.

Hubby is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He is the sole provider for this beautiful family of 4. I pull in some money here and there babysitting daily and working online, but he makes the money that actually pays for groceries and the mortgage.

So, long story short (well sorta lol)....

Hubby gets a wonderful teaching job in PA.

Not the job he originally went for, but he was excited cuz it was the same grade level as he teaches in VA.

Job is changed. They would like to see him in 5th grade and he isn't given all his years. But that again is just part of it. PA doesn't have to do that.

He is ready for the change.

However, we find out that the school district is striking.

Another door closed.

Hubby has a strong desire to provide for his family. He is such a good man. I just hope that he can have another opportunity there because if anyone deserves it, it would be my hubby.

He was finally ready for the change.
God closed that door.
I know there will be something he really wants...something that would benefit the whole family.
I have faith that God will bring that to him and hold the door open wide and clear of any obstacles.

However, until that happens, we will remain in our beautiful home in WV (which we were going to do anyway if he got this PA job) and he will continue to teach in VA. I am as happy as can be. I love it here!

Now the next obstacle.....keep him as positive about life as I am!


Cameron said...

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. This has been the way my life has always been. I know that God will do what is best for all of you whether it be here, PA, or VA. I know in the end everything will work out because it is all a part of God's plan.

PS.....My mom changed furniture constantly and STILL does! Too funny!

Irishembi said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog Lisha! I hope your next door opens soon. We'll welcome you here in PA if Door #3 leads you that way again. :-) BTW your children are beautiful!

Mary said...

Just tell him to move some furniture! That will keep him ya, mom

Hilary said...

hmmmm... should I even comment on change???? Dear Heavens it isn't doing a damn thing for me right now :).
Shane needs to consider this... you always want to take a step up in life (or at least attempt to do so). Heading to PA does not sound as though it would have been a step up in the right direction. The VA system that he works for currently is not shabby by any means what-so-ever... He should be proud of where he works and not stress so much about what coulda' been!
I entered a school system that went to a strike vote and I had to stand in the room and vote "NO" along with several other new teachers. It was horrible. However, the faculty supported the teachers that did not have tenure and were completely understanding that we would have to continue to work to keep from getting fired. Plus, they were confident that there were not enough of us to keep the school running through the strike. But, I suppose each union is different.
Best of luck this Fall!!!!!

Lisha said...

Thank you ladies for your comments :) We will be just fine I know it. The money was pretty good in PA and the retirement system is MUCH better, but at this point in our lives with me staying home, it isn't the best option. Next road will the the right one! I KNOW IT!! :)