Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ritchey-Howser Reunion 2008


Let me tell family are hoots! We have a yearly family reunion where we get together for good food, laughs, and games.

This year was was filled with bubbles (lots of them), unwrapping tape for money, and naps in the hammock.

1. My cousin Alex came!! I have missed him so much! He has grown into a handsome young man!! So scary he will be 21!!

2. My cousin Megan is driving!! AH!! She will be 16 soon...can't believe that either!

3. My Uncle John brought his new wife, Tracy, AKA Jersey girl, and her son Dom, to their first redneck reunion. I think she loved it! Especially the drive there over rolling hills and through corn fields.

4. Megan and her mom, Susan, won the tape unwrapping game and got $5 each. Next year...its ON!!

5. Uncle Steve still scared Noah away, but Sydney went to everyone but Alex... what did you do to her, Al??? *giggle giggle*

6. Pap made silly faces for the usual. Always makes us smile.

7. Pap's Texas Sheet cake won the bake-off but Nelly put hers on Pap's pan to make it look like she won!

8. Shane playing with horsies to entertain the preteens/teens. Nice honey!

9. Uncle Steve's missing neck in the photoshopped family wedding picture.

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tracy said...

you had me cracking up with steve...wait till you see the new family picture....his neck is going to be so

Cameron said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love family reunions! (=

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Love the bubble picture!