Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update peoples...

Ya know Tuesday night (first day of school) Noah slept ALL NIGHT in his own bed! He was so wiped out from school that he went to sleep by 9:00 and slept till the garage door went up at 7:00 am!! JACK POT people!! I got sleep ALL NIGHT!!

Wednesday night....he went to sleep by 9:00 and didn't come over to us till 5:30..which was fine because the garage door didn't wake him and I let him sleep till 7:15!! JACK POT AGAIN!!! I got to sleep ALL NIGHT!!

So, hopefully this keeps happening! He loves my old bed and his television running all night (comments oh perfect mommies out there, keep them to yourself, cuz what works for me WORKS FOR US!!). He is so curious to what all the words say on his school station that plays all night. TOO much!

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I have survived the first week of performing child care services (I prefer that over babysitting....), my son's first week of kindergarten, a sick belly, a cold/flu bug, and an air conditioner leaking which attempted to flood my basement for the 22nd time! I bow to you.......

Happy Friday!!!!


Hilary said...

Great work young grasshopper! Keep 'em sleepin' :)
Flu/bug??? arrgghhh... are you sure it isn't bad Taco Bell?
My shifts begin this weekend...well, Leo is actually workin' the night shifts... I am just keepin' the home fires aburnin'!
Have a happy weekend!

Cameron said...

NO, I BOW TO YOU!!! You are amazing! I am glad your work week is coming to an end being a child care provider. I tend to lean towards an Au Pair myself. LOL Enjoy your Friday!

~d said...


adn the tv.. dude.. whatever works.


dancing tigers in his room all night if need be..