Thursday, August 14, 2008

A walk outside on a summer night

Tonight I walked outside to let the dog out.

What a beautiful night.

The path from the woods was occupied by the wispy fog as it crept up from the familiar creek.

The cicadas were chirping their nightly song...chirp...chirp with a note from a frog and a cricket.

My fabric softener filled the crisp air...I couldn't breathe it in fast enough.

I stood there in my bare feet in my driveway and looked up. I thanked God for everything around me. The beautiful night, my kids, my opporutnity to stay home with them, my hubby, my family and friends, and most of all for Him. For Him giving me everything I could ask for and then some.

I stood there....completely complete. Completely happy.

Then while standing there with my eyes closed....I felt something...

I felt the slimy slug touched my foot. He is the slug who ate the french fry last night in the driveway. He is the slug who leaves his slimy, glistening trail on my driveway every morning. There he was....greeting you ask, "Did you talk to him??" Cuz you know that would be a fabulous ending to this beautiful night......But I didn't do that.....

I actually JUMPED SO HIGH UP IN THE AIR AND SCREAMED!! I ran my ass back in the house and waited through the storm door for the dog to finish.


Mary said...

ok dear daughter, slugs don't eat french fries. LOL...since when are you afraid of a slug?

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

HAHA! What an cute post!