Sunday, August 3, 2008

We are home!

What a wonderful vacation!!

You know what? I have been selfish and complaining that I just want to go back! And I should just be grateful that I got a sorry for my whining...I just love it THAT much!

We arrived home around 8:00ish pm on Friday night. After a grueling 9 hour trip home with lots of traffic around Richmond, screaming Sydney, picking and peeing Noah, and exhausted bodies.

Some things we did on our vacation were:

Our View

Beach daily from 10 am-1pm:
Sydney didn't like her ucky feet covered in sand, the way the waves pulled on her when it retreated back to the ocean, and her brother counting to 30 in the car (she screamed as he counted, why? We aren't sure). But she did like to make sand castles, going out into the ocean with Mommy, and finding seashells.

Noah loved the ocean and I mean everything about it. He and Daddy spent most of the time catching little hermit crabs and digging in the sand. He enjoyed riding the waves and being tossed about. He didn't like the sand in his swimsuit, how the waves took him down the beach away from us, and having to go back to the room for lunch.

We enjoyed watching the kids play and enjoy the surroundings. We didn't like hauling all the stuff to and back from the beach! lol Hubby even took the kids to the pool for an hour while I sat on the beach with my book and read about 5 chapters in my book! Thank you honey!

Other things we did included:

1. Dicks Restaurant (Always a blast...makes us laugh and you get to see alligators while you eat outside and visited Barefoot Landing)

2. Alligator Adventure (Great time and you get to go back a second time for free!)

3. Dixie Stampede (had a blast! The kids loved it!)

4. Broadway at the Beach (Tony Romas Restraurant & Friends to Be)

5. Ripley's Aquarium (okay....)

6. Seafare Buffet (not so good for the money, but they had a mermaid that Sydney was fascinated by!)

7. Lazy River and pools in our resort

8. Bojangles for lunch (Oh how I love the spicy chicken and sweet tea!)
I am happy to be home and oh how I missed my bed!


Courtney said...

Beautiful pics!! It looks like you had a great time!

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

UGH! Your sooo lucky to go to Myrtle Beach!! My mom lives there but I didn't think my youngest was ready for the drive. Maybe next year! Your kids are ADORABLE and look to be about the same ages as mine. Where did you stay in MB? Just curious for when we plan our trip.
Love your blog! Can't wait to read more!! Gotta get the dumplings some dinner, be back later!