Monday, September 29, 2008

Now I'm the Protector

I hate this feeling. I hate this feeling of Noah now being in school and having to worry about people hurting his feelings and picking on him. He is an easy target because he is sensitive and gentle. It worries me, but I never want him to change. My challenge is how to teach him to stand up for himself without changing his gentleness and sensitivity.

This morning I got him a Poptart and a cup of milk. Since he NEVER finishes it before we have to head out the door and walk to the bus stop, I give him a "Big kid" sippy cup with his milk in it. Only because it doesn't spill on the way to the bus stop all over himself or the stroller. And believe would because he is as graceful as me.

I didn't have his "big kid" cups run in the dishwasher and the only ones I had clean were Sydney's Gerber cups. It was green with frogs on it...okay I know my critics...I set him up for this but NOT in a million years would I imagine that the following would happen: (only because his friends are down there and so are adults and frankly I didn't put myself in his shoes which I will from now on. So this was my mistake) Back to what happened:

At the bus stop there is a little girl who is just nasty. She has been nasty to two other girls whom don't even want to be around her. She comes down to our bus stop when she should be getting on the bus stop at the other stop sign. That is beside the point. Noah took his cup to drink and stood by the stop sign to wait for the bus.

I talked with 2 other moms as we waited for the bus. Noah came running over to me with tears running down his face. He said, "She said I had a baby cup and I was a baby." I asked, "Who said that?"

I looked around for his cup, thinking he left it on the stroller like he normally does. Not there. My eyes peered over to the stop sign where the bully stood with her big sister. She looked at me like "Oh sugar, I am caught." Amy found his sippy where he must have tossed it when she made the comment.

I asked her if she said that to him. She looked at me (with a little fear) and said "I didn't really mean it. I'm sorry." with a little roll of her eyes. I said to her, "Then next time you need to think about it before you say it. What you said to Noah hurt his feelings. I am the one who gave him the cup because the other cups were dirty. So if you want to have friends, then you need to be nice to them and not be a bully."

She wimpered, "Sorry." and walked back to the stop sign. I looked at my son's face and he was hurting and I hurt. I apologized to Noah and told him I will NEVER give him a sippy cup again. He hugged me tight and I dried his tears.

He walked back over to the stop sign and waited for the bus. I was mad. I was mad because I put him in this situation and I can't stop all the nasty children and people in the world. I can not be there all the time. I just wanted to scoop him up and take him back to our home, where he is safe. I hate this.

So when he gets home I am going to go over and practice how to stand up to kids who can be nasty. They talked about bullies in school and we are reading The Recess Queen at home, so he knows what to do in situations where he is being picked on, but he has to learn WHAT to say when it happens. Because I can't always be there to protect him as much as I want to be.

The Recess Queen:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Protector

Today I met my mother, brother, and sister-in-law at the mall to catch up. I haven't seen her since before she left for Bermuda, and she had some gifts for the kids.

While we were there, we hit up the indoor mall play area. The kids were playing around and after we finally got Sydney off the carousel horses (after getting 3 free rides), her and Noah took off up the big stairs to the top. Sydney couldn't make it up 2 of the steps, so Noah retreated back to her and helped her by picking her up to the next step.

Sydney was too scared to go through the moving tunnel and all we could we could do is listen.

We heard Noah go through first and say, "Its okay Sydney, come on through. Its okay, see?" So Sydney started through and she hesitated.

Noah said, "See you can do it. Its okay." Sydney inched forward and we saw the moving tunnel shift up as she came out the other end.

Then we heard Noah say, "YOU DID IT!" in the highest screechiest voice and her giggle.

They proceeded to the slide, where Noah went down first and then down came Sydney. We heard her squeal with excitement that she did it! It was the cutest thing ever!

He is her protector. He looks out for her and makes sure she is safe. I just love how much he loves and helps her. It makes me realize that I am doing something right as a mother. I am so proud of them!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh where Oh where did Lisha go?

Oh where oh where did she go??

Since you asked...(tahehehe), I have been so busy! This was my week to work online and that means each night Tuesday-Friday consisted of me of sitting and reading wanna-be-teachers' essays from 7 till 11 pm. That was after of course I babysat and played with three girls, attempted to keep up house in "okay" order, and even tutored. Yep...been a little busy.

But in the meanwhile a couple things happened that I am pretty excited this week was the season premiere week of some of my favorite shows (Grey's Anatomy, Lipstick Jungle, and CSI Miami) I could have forgotten some because that is how it works with me. I remember all day till I sit down to jot it...then PUFF its gone just like that.

Also, my ol' pal Debby had good news to share!! Congrats...and she even missed my Top 10 on my favorite things or she would have had something to say.... :)

Noah got his interim report (mid-grading period report) and he got all good marks and a comment, "Noah is doing an Outstanding job!" So, as any mom could be...I am so PROUD of my little man!

Sydney is officially potty trained...except for the one accident on Mary's carpet...sorry girl...about the HUGE puddle! You should have seen her jumping around on paper towels (a whole roll) trying to soak up the pee Syd was holding in so she didn't miss any fun!

I "thought" I MIGHT be guess the only one happy around here is hubby. He just isn't ready. I want to do it now...sorta.... but I guess God will bring it if it is meant to happen. I think He knows how much I am ready to return to teaching. I NEED that for me.

My parents made it safely back from Bermuda. They had such a great time and if anyone deserves a trip like that it is my parents! They are super!

I painted my basement bathroom from blue to yep, you guessed it "beige"...well actually it is boardwalk something rather. But it looks great! I like things neutral so I can do splashes of color and the trim is white so it brightens things up.

And so far WVU is winning 27-3!! GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

I am over and more to catch up on from the week!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Orr Farm Market-Farm Day

Thanks to a tip from Sara (whom hasn't started a blog yet...although I have been putting the pressure on her) we went to Orr Farm Market this past Saturday for Farm Day!

There is one thing I love about where we live and that is all the orchards and farm markets in the area. From the time Noah was 6 months old we had gone to Ridgefield Farm to their pumpkin patch, the year before last we went to Town and Country Nursery, then last year we went to Old McDonald Pumpkin Patch, and this year we are going to hit up a couple!

At Orr Farm Market, we picked our own red raspberries, picked some apples, went on a hayride, and pet a baby goat. There was also face painting & a Blue Grass band. We didn't get any pumpkins because I am waiting till my friend Kim comes down from Pittsburgh and we are going to hit up another pumpkin patch. Great photo opportunities for our scrapbook pages!! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So the conversation went like this....

We went for a family drive this evening to get milk and to look at some houses...why?? No reason. Just bored. And the conversation with Noah went like this:

Noah: Why are we looking at houses?

Daddy: Just to see what is out there.

Noah: I don't want to move till Riley moves. (his BFF)

Daddy: Okay we won't. It will be awhile anyway.

Noah: When I get bigger I am moving far far away.

Mommy: You aren't going to live with me forever?

Noah: No, I am moving far far away because I'm going to go where I don't need daddys. That is because I am all grown-up. I will come visit you though.

Daddy: You gotta go to college and make a lot of money if you are going to do that.

Noah: I am. I might be a policeman, a race car driver, maybe a basketball player like Daddy, or a zookeeper.


Noah: Then I will buy a big house.

Mommy: Are you going to live near the beach so I can visit you?

Noah: Yeah! I am! That's a good idea!

Mommy: Then maybe you will be a marine biologist and study the animals in the ocean.

Noah: Maybe. And I will buy a big house.

Daddy: Well, you need a lot of money for that.

(Here's the kicker):

Noah: I have money in my piggy bank DUH!

Meanwhile: Sydney is singing Winkle Winkle Wittle Star at the top of her lungs!

We both just chuckled. Oh how I love to hear his planning of the future. He also proceeded to tell us how he isn't getting married either. Oh no!! I want grandchildren!! hahahhahaha

Friday, September 19, 2008

Top 10 Favorite Things in My House

Tip Junkie had a great idea on blogging about my Top 10 favorite things in my house.

It gave me the inspiration to go through my house and pick out things that make my house my home.

However, there are more than just "things" in my house that are in my top 10. This is easy because I am not one to purchase a lot of "things" for my house. I like things simple and clean, and I try to keep it very clutterfree. Things laying out DRIVES ME CRAZY! it no particular order.

Welcome to my home!
Okay, I love how you can see me in the reflection. Such great photography skills! This is my red door to my home. I love it! It makes my house stand out from the others and we also had a storm door put on. I love having the light pour in during the day and our dog loves to sit and look out at the world. The door to our home is to make others feel welcome since we love having company!

I know it says "in" your home, but I guess if you were standing in my would see this view outside as the sun sets. It is breathtaking and the picture does not do it justice. This is definetly a favorite!

My centerpiece on my large dining room table is a favorite. I love natural colors so the apples are a nice pop of color to a beige room. The dining room is a favorite place because I love to gather my family here for dinner each night and also for big meals with immediate family.

I love this sign in my kitchen. This was made my a dear friend, Debby, when she removed the slate from her fireplace, she painted this up for me as a surprise. I have a pear theme in my kitchen and this just adds a touch of "love" and friendship to the center of our home....the kitchen. Even when the pears are gone from this space, the sign will remain.

My front room is a special getaway for me and my dog, Elliott. I sit out here to just "getaway" from the rest of the house. The bay window is where you see the beautiful sun setting in the evenings and where I can spy on my neighbor, Amy or moon her....hhehehehehhehe

This is a candle holder I have hanging in my dining room. I never burn the candles...why?? I guess I think the candles are too close to the wall, so it is for decoration ONLY...heheheh, but I love how it pops off the beige wall. Clean and Simple...that is me!

My corner bathtub in the master bathroom. This is where MANY memories have been made with my hubby and children. We have had nightly baths together since my son was born 5 years ago. Now my son is getting "too" private to bath with us, so family bath time is cut to just hubby, Syd, and I. We can fit all of in here and I love it!! Who needs a hot tub when you have this???

This is a clock that my mom bought me when we first moved into our house. It sits on the table in my foyer. I just love it. It will never go anywhere even though I have never put batteries in it.....I guess decor doesn't have to be functional...just look good....

Above is a vanity from my grandmother Hall...could have been way back further, however all I know is that it is antique and I treasure it. I will never forget where it sat in her spare bedroom in the old farm house. As a kid, I would play hide and seek under it. When she gave it to me, I was so speechless. I TREASURE this piece with all my heart.

Last but not least....This is definetly my number one favorite thing in my house. My family. They are amazing children and my hubby keeps me on my toes. If it weren't for them, this house would not be my home.

Thank you guys. I love you!!
Now your turn!! Go to Tip Junkie's Talk to Me Tuesday and participate!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What is wrong with me?? Seriously....

Why the topic?? Well....I am SO excited about the season premiere's beginning next week! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! And....

There is something seriously wrong with me.

I am ADDICTED to the new 90210 (shut up people... go ahead make fun of this loser ass stay at home mom of 30 years old...I DARE YOU!) as if I didn't get enough of the first series and now the new one??

Oh how I can't pull myself away. Hubby REFUSES to watch it so I have been DVRing the first and forthcoming episodes to indulge in while he is at work.

Seriously, is there something wrong with me??
And if there is....guess what?? I don't give a rat's ass :)
Cuz I LOVE 90210!!
oh and....Gossip is SO delicious!

And while we are on the topic of favorite television shows...ones I just can't get enough of....

Here's my list in no particular order (and most of these I am looking forward to the new seasons!!

1. 90210 (old and new)
2. Gossip Girl
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Flip That House
5. Desperate Housewives (although I don't know why I love this so much because we have our own Wisteria Lane right in here where I live!)
6. Big Brother (Yep, watching this season right now....and loving it)
8. Young and the Restless (and I eat bon bons all day too)
9. Golden Girls
11. The Real Estate Pros
12. Cold Case
13. All the CSI (Vegas the best though)
14. Peep and the Big Wide World....go ahead make fun....but I actually sit down to watch this with the kids in the is SO worth it!

If you haven't seen it here...SO FUNNY!

What are your favorite shows??? TELL ME TELL ME!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's MY sign!

This is how I keep people away....
when the girls are napping during the day! if you see this when you come to my front door just knock okay??
Do NOT wake the girls!!

Here's MY sign on my front door.

PS Ignore the broken door bell...its cracked but still rings LOUDLY :)
You got a sign??

Chill out people

Sometimes watching television can really educate you on important facts.

For example, I was happy to hear that High Fructose Corn Syrup isn't so bad for you after all. So people chill out! Eat it and enjoy!

I am so glad I haven't been wasting my time avoiding foods that contain it because my life would have been BORING!!

Now go ahead and indulge...well unless you are on a diet, cuz it is just like sugar and honey....whoops....damn calories!

Friday, September 12, 2008

HOLY CRAP! Or should I said GROSS ME OUT!

I found a youtube video of the slugs mating...just like mine....

I know you think I am obsessed but I am DISGUSTED by nature. lol

Check it out!! It looks like mine!

Prepare yourself!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

So gross...but so intriguing....

Leave it up to me..

I am my father's daughter all the way, in SO many ways! I have his hard work ethic and sense of humor....which is why only my father and I would do what I did tonight.

Okay enough of the background check.

I was letting Elliott outside to go potty last night before heading up to bed, when I spotted something interesting.....

Wait, more background check.....

I wrote a blog awhile back about the nasty slug in my driveway and how he touched my foot....while not knowing that he was just one horny slug.

Back to last as I was standing there...I spotted something over by the side of my garage. It was hanging there all twisted up....and it looked disgusting. I went inside and turned on my lights. When I came back outside....I saw the most distrubing love making I have ever seen. I yelled for my neighbor Amy who was out blabbing on the phone.

She came over and confirmed it.....

it was slugs mating......

Check it out! *WARNING: THIS IS QUITE GROSS!! THE FREAKING SLUGS ARE HANGING FROM SOME NASTY SLIME SHIT!!!* I dare you to click on them and make them bigger! You know you wanna!!

The beginning of their love making....they actually pulled in some nasty clear looking penis thing when the camera flashed lol

What is that??? OMG!

what is that disgusting stuff they are hanging from?? EWW

The jealous slug who wasn't getting it on......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Annoyed on controversial topic

Okay parents out there...I need to vent.

I have an opinion on something....and that is what it is...strictly opinion and someone close to me has a VERY opposite opinion about a controversial topic......


As most of you know my son is an animal lover. He loves every type of animal in the world. Everything as in ocean animals, jungle animals, reptiles, even insects of every kind and especially loves the animals that he sees in his own community like the deer, rabbits, and turtles that we see around our house.

We can't even watch animal channel because he will run to me in the kitchen so upset because an animal is fighting and is hurt. He even wanted to be a veterinarian at one point to save the animals (till he realized how cool policemen were).

I have explained the circle of life to Noah, drew him pictures, explained to him how God made the world work with the animals and even about the meat we eat on the table and why.

Before I begin....Noah is 5. A very naive five year old. One who believes there is all good in the world. Something in him I don't want to lose just yet.

Your opinion is always welcome here on my blog....but I need to just vent how I am feeling because this is weighing on me, so here it goes....

Hunting and children

This is strictly my opinion and how I feel regarding my son.

There are influences in my son's life that feel that they need to educate my son on hunting because they love it.

I, on the other hand, feel that age 5 is too young to be "educating" on hunting. Most states don't allow children to hunt till age 12. I agree. Why? Children can't always rationalize why the "hunt" is taking place and the difference between "killing" and "hunting". It does not matter how many times you try to explain it, because many children under age 12 just aren't prepared to watch an animal be shot and "tracked". I could say a lot more, but this is just enough of a heated topic.

I will allow my son to make his own decisions about hunting when he is old enough to do so. I will not push him one way or the other and I do not feel others should either. I will support him on what he enjoys when he is capable of doing it.

I feel it is not necessary to subject him to hunting at age 5. I do NOT by any means feel that this is appropriate. I am annoyed and feel that I am alone.

Alone in my decision to raise MY child.

Another big night!

Sydney has been peeing on the potty now for days! We even went for a "Sunday" drive last night (yeah on a Monday) after buying dollar sundaes at McDonalds (shup up people...we are on a budget lol) and while on a back country road, Syd says, "Momma, I gotta pee!"

So, we pull off on the side of the road and I hold her in a squat position and she pees right there in the gravel!! I was so proud! She was so proud of herself too!

Besides pooping BESIDE the potty and "trying" to poop on the potty by "farting" (relax people...there is nothing wrong with the word FART! Say it like 5 times in a row...actually a pretty funny word) we have yet to actually "poop" ON the potty.....TILL......


YES SHE POOPED ON THE POTTY ALL BY HERSELF!!! She peed on her little potty and then ran into the bathroom and hopped on the big potty to poop BY HERSELF she told me. I was wasting time reading your blogs lol and she came back to tell me she peed....I went in to see if she was lying (since she just peed on her little potty) and low and behold... there were 3 big ones!! hahahahhaha She said, "I POOPED!" With her mouth WIDE Open! So cute and so proud of herself!
Gosh girls are so different! (well, at least this one is compared to my son).
I was going to take a picture of the poop in the potty but I know some of you people aren't all gross like I just went with this.....

Sydney and I headed to Kmart for a prize for pooping and peeing on the potty. You will NEVER guess what she picked......
YEP....A BABY!!! Big surprise huh?? Add to her collection!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I chose my meat wisely...

I like my meat big and juicy....
I can't stand when it is chewy, hard, and has no flavor!

okay seriously perverts...I am talking about my pork loin!

I found the most delicious recipe for pork loin and it was SO easy. I found it on What's for Dinner??I even have my own picture of it!

Wanna see?? Okay okay....I will share!Hubby loved it.

Even enough to take it to work tomorrow for lunch! The people at work were evening checking him out....the honey roasted pork loin that is.......

It was THAT good and THAT easy!So my picture doesn't do it justice...but your mouth will thank you! GO TRY IT!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Grandparents' Day!!

As I grew up, my grandparents were such a HUGE part of my life. I remember both sets so well and cherish every memory with them. Their unconditional love and devotion to all their grandchildren is a comfort to me. I am fortunate and can't imagine my life without them.

I still grieve everyday for my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2000 and my paternal grandfather who passed away in 2005. The love I have for them is still going strong. They were both the most beautiful people inside and out and I wish the world could be blessed with knowing them. Truly.

My maternal grandmother.

Always there. And still is.

Gotta love those cheesy smiles!! They had a beautiful, most amazing relationship EVER!

My paternal grandfather.
Pappy telling one of his million stories!

Pappy, Me, and my cousin Rena

I am still blessed today with my maternal grandfather (pictured below) and my paternal grandmother (who just hit her 90th birthday!) pictured below as well.

Look at this goofy smile and then look at this........

Now I know where Noah gets it!! lol lol.....

My grandmother. She is AMAZING!!

Since Sunday is Grandparents Day I took advantage of it and made two mini albums (from Close To My Heart) for both Hubby's parents and mine.

I got quite creative and am pretty proud of my accomplishments! They loved them and it brightened my day to hear my mom say, "I can't wait to show the girls at work!" She is so proud of her grandchildren!

Here is Album One (to my parents)

Second Album (Hubby's parents):

So grandparents world-wide...this is your day! Thank you for loving your grandchildren unconditionally and sugaring them up to go back home! You are giving your grandchildren memories they will hold on forever! Thank you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Does it count?

Does pooping beside the potty on the floor count??

LMAO...she did...right beside the potty in the basement. Oh well....some day soon she will hit the potty and not need to stand to do it!

Good luck potty trainers....this is rough!

Mommy's Online

Cute poem I found while searching for fabulous grandparent poems.
You girls will love it! :) lol

Mommy's Online

I can hear them calling, so I know they are fine.
"Where's Mom?" they are saying, Don't they know I'm Online?!!!
"We're Hungry!", I hear.
I tell them, "Please hush! Mom is online now, what is the rush!!?"
They had a bite yesterday when the phone lines were out,
These kids drive you crazy...Oh look! There's a pout!
I dispense bowls of cereal as I download a file...
No time wasted here...I'm a true computerphile!
I check out the boards and respond to a few,
"We're so bored!!," moan the children, "What can we do?!!"
I tell them to stop, please do not whine.
Geeez...can't they see their mother is busy online??!!
The grumbling continues as they wander about
"Mom's ALWAYS on the Computer!!," together they shout!
Unawares to me, they yank the phone from the Jack,
saying, "Daddy is right...this is the way to get Mommy back!"

Author Unknown Submitted by Cre43

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good news all around!

Good news people, I must celebrate!

Open up the bottle of cheap champange!

Noah got a note from his teacher about the first week of school. It read:

I am one proud Mommy and he is one proud student! YEAH!!

And tonight I have had big girl undies on Sydney and I put her potty in the breakfast nook so I could catch her, but I didn't have too...I was typing away on this darn blog hehehe and I hear tinkle tinkle tinkle or more like pssssssssssssssss and turn around to see Sydney sitting on the potty peeing!! HOLY COW!!!
It helps that her older best friend is working on the potty too and she wants to not wear diapers like babies! Let's hope this keeps going on the right track!

2 mins later she was off to the "big" potty to pee some "More" (in a Boston accent)!! I am so proud AGAIN!! Gosh..I love having kids! :)

Here is a pic of the second pee!

Off to watch Big Brother!! Night everyone!