Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Annoyed on controversial topic

Okay parents out there...I need to vent.

I have an opinion on something....and that is what it is...strictly opinion and someone close to me has a VERY opposite opinion about a controversial topic......


As most of you know my son is an animal lover. He loves every type of animal in the world. Everything as in ocean animals, jungle animals, reptiles, even insects of every kind and especially loves the animals that he sees in his own community like the deer, rabbits, and turtles that we see around our house.

We can't even watch animal channel because he will run to me in the kitchen so upset because an animal is fighting and is hurt. He even wanted to be a veterinarian at one point to save the animals (till he realized how cool policemen were).

I have explained the circle of life to Noah, drew him pictures, explained to him how God made the world work with the animals and even about the meat we eat on the table and why.

Before I begin....Noah is 5. A very naive five year old. One who believes there is all good in the world. Something in him I don't want to lose just yet.

Your opinion is always welcome here on my blog....but I need to just vent how I am feeling because this is weighing on me, so here it goes....

Hunting and children

This is strictly my opinion and how I feel regarding my son.

There are influences in my son's life that feel that they need to educate my son on hunting because they love it.

I, on the other hand, feel that age 5 is too young to be "educating" on hunting. Most states don't allow children to hunt till age 12. I agree. Why? Children can't always rationalize why the "hunt" is taking place and the difference between "killing" and "hunting". It does not matter how many times you try to explain it, because many children under age 12 just aren't prepared to watch an animal be shot and "tracked". I could say a lot more, but this is just enough of a heated topic.

I will allow my son to make his own decisions about hunting when he is old enough to do so. I will not push him one way or the other and I do not feel others should either. I will support him on what he enjoys when he is capable of doing it.

I feel it is not necessary to subject him to hunting at age 5. I do NOT by any means feel that this is appropriate. I am annoyed and feel that I am alone.

Alone in my decision to raise MY child.


tracy said...

Alicia if you feel that you dont want noah to know about it....than enforce your feelings.....your his mom and you know what you want to child exposed to and what not.....he is still very young and sweet....your lucky that he is not in my family.....dom has already been tracking etc....we really cant run from it because my dad has deer hanging all over and bears and turkeys....

supah ~d said...

You are the guardian. YOu make the decisions. If you want to compromise: denote an age that you feel appropriate to introduce the topics to him under the guidance of said person.

Noah didn't grow up immersed in this stuff like some.

:) Your kid. Keep your feet planted.

Courtney said...

I'm right there with you. Jon's family (with the exception of Jon himself) are rednecks - they live to hunt. They spend most of hunting season in a dirty cabin guzzling beer and being dirtballs. It pisses me off when they hand my kids toy guns and tell them to go find some deer or bear to shoot. We don't have toy guns (well, we have squirt guns, but those are a touch different in my book) because I don't want my kids to pretend to shoot anything. I don't like them. When I tell them to please not give them to my kids, they look at me like I am some sort of alien. (That pisses me off, too.)

I wasn't raised in a hunting-loving family. No one hunted. I was thoroughly annoyed in 6th grade when I had to take a hunting/fishing class to pass the grade. Everyone had to get their hunting license before they can leave the Elementary School (I'm pretty sure they still have this rule). Why? It also thoroughly annoyed me when, in high school, the school district christened the first day of hunting as an actual holiday from school. Are you kidding me?? Because most of the older kids would be absent anyway, they cancelled school.

While I am fine with hunting (though I do NOT consider it any kind of sport), I don't want it shoved down my kids' throats. Or mine. And to be honest, the thought of one of my kids toting a gun through the woods in search of bambi frightens the hell out of me.

Hilary said...

First of all, I have to say this... along with Tracy... YOU are the parent of Noah. If you do not feel this is appropriate, then, you do not need to subject your child to hunting.
We are a military family and yet, we do not allow our children to play with toy guns or wear camo. In my opinion, 5 is too young to rationalize the consequences of weapons. In cartoons, when things die... they come back to life. In real life, once something is shot... it does not come back to life. At this age, there is difficulty deciphering the difference between the two.
If you feel that protecting your child makes you appear to be the bi*ch, then be the bi*ch. He only has one life... and you were part of creating it.

Lisha said...

Thank you guys so much for understanding my circumstance. Courtney, you are VERY much in the same boat as I am. I know they think I am in the wrong and I know that I feel that time will tell. I am not opposed to hunting either. I understand the reasoning behind it, however I could not do it myself (unless it depended on my childrens survival). I am being a bitch about this because this is something I feel strongly about. I do not allow my children to play with guns either. Water guns yes...but you can ask my son, he is NOT allowed to shoot people or animals even with water. Call me a prude, but I like it that way.

YOu are guys are right. These are my children and I will raise them the way I see fit. My hubby is on my side, so that is all i need! :) Thanks girls so much because I just needed to vent and make sure that I wasn't being in the wrong. I think, like Debby, said there is a compromise. If he wants to at age 12/13 or older preferably, then they can take him hunting....MAYBE lol

Cameron said...

I agree with the others. This is YOUR child, YOU birthed him. YOU are the parent(s). If you don't like it, they don't do it. If that is upsetting to some people, then guess what, they don't visit unless you are around. Your son only has one life. I get heated by the topic because I had a friend that came from a hunting family. Super sweet family...the whole works. Well, even with proper teachings, proper role modeling, proper handling, the accident happened and he died! He was 12. It doesn't matter what age you are, things happen. So, as a mother, you are preventing a possible accident...something that can be prevented. If when he is older you are more comfortable with him hunting, then go for it. If you still feel strongly, then he doesn't....it is your right as a parent to let him or not to let him. I am glad that Shane is on board with you. If that is the case, then the whole topic should be a mute point with your/his family. It shouldn't even be mentioned again. Stick to your guns....no pun intended....our voices are our children's voices. They are just too young to truly get some issues out there in life.

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Hey Lady! You are in charge here! He is a 5 year old CHILD. It's not his personality either. If he wasn't/isn't being taught this at home by you, than he shouldn't be being taught this. Especially if you don't agree.
Make sense? Hunting is stupid.