Friday, September 5, 2008

Does it count?

Does pooping beside the potty on the floor count??

LMAO...she did...right beside the potty in the basement. Oh well....some day soon she will hit the potty and not need to stand to do it!

Good luck potty trainers....this is rough!


Cameron said...

FOFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! That is too funny!!!! You are right it is tough but it is worth it in the end. I have not had Cameron go on the floor yet. But, anything is possible!!!! He has only had one BM in toilet this whole time because the colitis makes it harder. I think the #3 makes it rough to go on the toilet. He would rather it just go in his pull up. So, that is a battle all in itself. GOOD LUCK AND DO NOT WORRY SHE WILL MASTER IT SOON!!!!

Hilary said...

Hey... at least she was close! Hell, my Dad still pees on the floor by the toilet...oops, I could get killed for that one :).
It's full circle... poop on the floor when your two... poop on the floor when your 92!
Best of luck!