Monday, September 8, 2008


I chose my meat wisely...

I like my meat big and juicy....
I can't stand when it is chewy, hard, and has no flavor!

okay seriously perverts...I am talking about my pork loin!

I found the most delicious recipe for pork loin and it was SO easy. I found it on What's for Dinner??I even have my own picture of it!

Wanna see?? Okay okay....I will share!Hubby loved it.

Even enough to take it to work tomorrow for lunch! The people at work were evening checking him out....the honey roasted pork loin that is.......

It was THAT good and THAT easy!So my picture doesn't do it justice...but your mouth will thank you! GO TRY IT!!!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Yum!!! Boy that looks so good right now, especially after my lunch of salad...yuck!

You can make that for me anytime and I bet your dad would love it!