Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Grandparents' Day!!

As I grew up, my grandparents were such a HUGE part of my life. I remember both sets so well and cherish every memory with them. Their unconditional love and devotion to all their grandchildren is a comfort to me. I am fortunate and can't imagine my life without them.

I still grieve everyday for my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2000 and my paternal grandfather who passed away in 2005. The love I have for them is still going strong. They were both the most beautiful people inside and out and I wish the world could be blessed with knowing them. Truly.

My maternal grandmother.

Always there. And still is.

Gotta love those cheesy smiles!! They had a beautiful, most amazing relationship EVER!

My paternal grandfather.
Pappy telling one of his million stories!

Pappy, Me, and my cousin Rena

I am still blessed today with my maternal grandfather (pictured below) and my paternal grandmother (who just hit her 90th birthday!) pictured below as well.

Look at this goofy smile and then look at this........

Now I know where Noah gets it!! lol lol.....

My grandmother. She is AMAZING!!

Since Sunday is Grandparents Day I took advantage of it and made two mini albums (from Close To My Heart) for both Hubby's parents and mine.

I got quite creative and am pretty proud of my accomplishments! They loved them and it brightened my day to hear my mom say, "I can't wait to show the girls at work!" She is so proud of her grandchildren!

Here is Album One (to my parents)

Second Album (Hubby's parents):

So grandparents world-wide...this is your day! Thank you for loving your grandchildren unconditionally and sugaring them up to go back home! You are giving your grandchildren memories they will hold on forever! Thank you.


Cameron said...


Those are beautiful and the grandparents will surely treasure them! Your grandparents sound like an amazing bunch of people! I wish everyone was blessed like we are/were to have such amazing grandparents who provided us with a life time of memories. I hope I get to be a grandparent someday.

(BTW: say a prayer for my FIL, Cameron's papa...he is back in the hospital in PA and has been there for 4 days now. Not a great way to spend Grandparents Day. But, we will cheer him up with a phone call later.)

Hilary said...

I love what you did for Grandparent's Day! The cards are BEAUTIFUL! Your blog was a wonderful tribute to those that have past and the ones still with you, Shane and the kids! Very touching!!!