Saturday, September 20, 2008

So the conversation went like this....

We went for a family drive this evening to get milk and to look at some houses...why?? No reason. Just bored. And the conversation with Noah went like this:

Noah: Why are we looking at houses?

Daddy: Just to see what is out there.

Noah: I don't want to move till Riley moves. (his BFF)

Daddy: Okay we won't. It will be awhile anyway.

Noah: When I get bigger I am moving far far away.

Mommy: You aren't going to live with me forever?

Noah: No, I am moving far far away because I'm going to go where I don't need daddys. That is because I am all grown-up. I will come visit you though.

Daddy: You gotta go to college and make a lot of money if you are going to do that.

Noah: I am. I might be a policeman, a race car driver, maybe a basketball player like Daddy, or a zookeeper.


Noah: Then I will buy a big house.

Mommy: Are you going to live near the beach so I can visit you?

Noah: Yeah! I am! That's a good idea!

Mommy: Then maybe you will be a marine biologist and study the animals in the ocean.

Noah: Maybe. And I will buy a big house.

Daddy: Well, you need a lot of money for that.

(Here's the kicker):

Noah: I have money in my piggy bank DUH!

Meanwhile: Sydney is singing Winkle Winkle Wittle Star at the top of her lungs!

We both just chuckled. Oh how I love to hear his planning of the future. He also proceeded to tell us how he isn't getting married either. Oh no!! I want grandchildren!! hahahhahaha


Cameron said...

TOO CUTE OF A CONVERSATION...I can't wait to have those with Cameron. Noah will definitely do something he loves and will get his big house....he will make you a grandparent too in the way distant future!! All boys hate girls right now...LOL....hopefully, he will hate them till he is 25 or 30. (=

Cameron sings it: tinkle tinkle little tar....(=

Hilary said...

It is good that Noah has a plan... so he can take good care of Alden :).

Mary said...

It's good to remember these converstaions. Keep it forever so you can show it to him someday!
love it!