Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am OUTTA here!

T-Minus 5 minutes I am heading out for Mom's Night Out!!

I know don't knock it people. I am BORED and this brings EXCITEMENT to my life!!

Hubby also took the kids and I had.....are you sitting down for this.... Probably huh?? Since you are on a computer....anyway.....I HAD 3 and half hours in the house to myself!!

I CLEANED all 3 levels, vacuumed the ENTIRE house, changed sheets, ran 2 miles, showered and got myself ready! Now I will have at least another 3 hours to myself with a great group of women!! I am OUT OF HERE!!!

I went from White Trash Mama to Sexy Mama!! LOOK OUT APPLEBEES lol


Cameron said...

I hope you all are having a fun time. You look beautiful in your picture! Be sure to fill me in on how the night went. Miss you.

Hilary said...

Lisha... so glad that you are getting a "Mom's Night Out!" Everything you are doing with your Mom's group looks fabulous!!! You are a great Mom who certainly deserves some Mommy time! We love you and miss you!