Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am sick of piss!

I am SICK of cleaning up piss!!

The dog pisses on my bathroom floor.
My daughter still has occasional accidents....
My son pissing the bed....
My hubby pissing on the floor beside the toilet.

I am sick of piss!!!

Am I the only one who doesn't piss in this house???

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Staci said...

okay so I am laughing, but I share your pain! Anthony is constantly peeing on the floor and my bathrooms always smell awful!

Anonymous said...

LOL :)


Cameron said...

I feel your pain!!! Everyone pisses all over the f'n place and it PISSES me off (no pun intended there either!!!) Even the dog (can't determine which one it is but all fingers are pointing at Ozzy) will at times piss in my bedroom....UGH!!! Though he learned a valuable lesson last time and has not done it since! God only knows why he made men taller and toliets so short...I think I am going to invent a toliet for a 6 ft 4 man.


Hilary said...

And... I bet you NEVER get to piss alone... cause that's what we do as mothers... pee with another person in the room. And guys wonder why girls go in pairs to the bathroom... to prepare us for motherhood :)
Love ya!
Maybe I will let Quinn's wife potty train him and then she can deal with piss on the floor :)