Friday, October 3, 2008

Mommy's Hour Out....

Ya know, when 2 mommies get together to make a "quick" run to Walmart for some food and computer ink, you would think it would be an easy trip there and back without kids right?? Well, not quite.

We definetly had a great time going to Walmart since we NEVER get out of the house, but we didn't think the fun would involve spilt sweet tea, ripping off of $4, and a wild Grandma in a bright red Grand Am.

Here's how it went down.

Amy and I decided to run out quickly to pick up a couple things from Wally World. She left her daughter with her hubby and I left mine with my mother in law. We figured an hour would be plenty of time and it would have if the chaos hadn't happened.

First we skipped (literally) into Wally World since we were WITHOUT children and we got to go to Walmart with a friend!

We bought the things we needed, headed to the cash register, paid, and packed up in her little blue Trackor. We made a pit stop at McDonalds since we were craving sweet teas. We got our sweet teas and were enjoying them, when Amy noticed that the Walmart chic ripped her off $4 and some change on her juice. She did a "short" cut and charged her for 5 times the most expensive juice when some of the others were cheaper (much cheaper). So, we headed BACK to Walmart. I waited and guarded the groceries while she got her money back. Upon her arrival back to the Trackor, we sucked down some more sweet tea and discussed how DELICIOUS it was today.

We made our way to the second red light home when we were sitting there talking and.........

We got rear ended by a WILD Grandma in a Red GrandAm!! She jumped out of her car and asked if we were okay. And....all I could say was:
Um...yeah but she's pregnant.
Then we all went to check out the damage. NOTHING to that little trackor and she only had a few scratches. She went to check her backseat where her infant grandchild was in the backseat sleeping!!!
So, after we all left the scene of the crime, Amy and I started to make light of the situation. We laughed because after we saw everyone was fine, we checked to make sure our sweet tea didn't spill!!! Because if that had happened we would have SUED WILD GRANDMA FOR $2.12 and emotional damage caused by the loss of the best sweet tea!! LMAO!
Do not mess with 2 Mommies on their hour out for food and sweet tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Staci said...

:) I love those hours out! I'm glad you were boith okay!

Hilary said...

WOW! I knew that sweet tea would come to bite you in the a@@. But, SERIOUSLY, I am glad you are both fine! Is she feeling okay?
Damn Grannies and their hot cars :)... although, I plan to be one so check your rear view mirror when I get old..uh, older.
What a nightmare anyway to have to head BACK to WalMart!!!!