Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My little man

Okay you all know this commercial right?

Well, we put our son to bed a few nights ago around 8:00 to watch Star Wars before bed and we sat down on the couch to watch our shows.

We heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. He whispers, "Mooommmmy...." I come around the corner and say, "Noah you need to get back in bed."

NOAH: "Mooommmmy...why do people hurt animals?" I go up the stairs to get closer.....he had a stream of tears flowing over his cheeks.

Me: "Honey, I don't know why. I guess some people just don't love animals like you and me."

NOAH: "I want to save all the animals like on tv."

Me: "I know you do and we can try. If we see a hurting animal we will help it, okay?"

NOAH: "It makes me sad. That lady sang and it made me cry about animals being hurt."

Me: "That commercial makes me cry too honey. I love you Noah. Now back to bed." I walked him back to bed and turned off the tv.

I laid there with him and cuddled for a couple minutes just holding him. He is such a sweety and I want him to stay like that forever!! I will never forget his face, the look in his eyes, and the genuine concern he had for those abused animals.

Damn you Sarah get me everytime I watch that commercial! But you don't have my money YET!! tahehehehehhe


jen said...

McKenna is the SAME way!! She saw this commercial the other day and was scrambling to find a pen and paper to write the number. She wants the shirt!

Sara said...

How sweet that he has such a big heart. That commercial makes teary eyed too. Her music moves me to feel emotions that I don't normally allow myself to experience. Give him a big hug and thank him on behalf of animal lovers (including me) across America.

Staci said...

That comercial makes me cry too... :( I hate when our babies have to see how cruel some people are. His kindness and compassion is is helping to make the world a better place :)

Hilary said...

Noah is such a wonderful boy with such a beautiful heart! It is so hard to shelter them from the horrors of the world... Noah has come to discover the question so many of us have asked ourselves... how can people be so cruel. He has a lot of wisdom for such a little man :).

Mary said...

Sniff...sniff....that's my boy! All heart and then some! I love you Noah!