Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Starting to feel old....

I am hitting 31 in the very near future. The idea of being "over the hill" doesn't scare me. Aging doesn't scare me....but the things that come with age scare me.

For ankles and knees hurt and it is hard to get my muscles moving in the morning.

Second, I actually WANT a sewing machine for Christmas. No...not for quilting or hemming, but to make things like this: Hobo Bag I can NEVER find a cute bag that I like, but I could totally MAKE my own bag I like!!

Third, I am ready for bed by 9:00, but after 9 is the only quiet time I can get hence why I am too damn tired to get out of bed at 6:15 am!!

Heading to bed....I will have to catch my Lipstick Jungle tomorrow at nap time.....I am too tired!!

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Hilary said...

When I hit 30, all thing physically began to go to the bottom of the pit... but... mentally, I love my 30's. It has become a time where I have really found my place in life and where I realized that it is NOT okay for people to walk all over me. It is a great age to be... especially raising children. And even though you're getting old... we still think your a hottie... you and those darn legs :)