Monday, October 6, 2008

You might see less of me....

I am going to be spending more of my "free" time (if that is what you call it) doing something active (physically active) cuz I have put on oh.....about.....15 lbs since August. You ask how??? I have NO freaking clue. Yes, I eat, but not enough to put THAT much back onto this body. So, off I go to ex.....exer......*cough* EXERCISE!!! It used to be SO much fun to "exercise" then I had to do it to just stay healthy. I used to do it only because I "wanted" to and because it didn't feel like exercise. So you will see less of me, virtually and weight wise (I do hope).

I vow, today, is my day!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not in a few days after I binge eat....TODAY!!!

I have already had a cup of Fiber One raisin bran and 1% milk.

I vow: I am NOT going to finish the girls food today at lunch just because I feel guilty that it is being wasted.

I vow: I am going to pay attention to what I eat and how much I eat

I vow: I am going to MAKE the time for me to exercise.

I vow: I am NOT going to make excuses anymore.


I guess a weekly weigh in would be good for me. SO you people are my way of making me responsible for this. If I tell you, then I HAVE to follow through right???


Well, I have spent enough time vegetating. I am off to dance to Hi5 with the girls! Build a sweat.... 1 2 3.......NO PAIN NO GAIN!


Staci said...

I could have wsritten your post... The elliptical machine is being moved to my bedroom as we speak because I need to get my a** in gear! I need to lose 15 pounds...

Lisha said...

We should do a Biggest Loser competition :) hehehehe I NEED IT!

Courtney said...

It's that damned toddler diet that kills me. The eating of the kids' leftovers so I don't waste anything. Stinkin' kids need to learn how to eat their own lunches so I don't have to do it for them!!

Anyway - YAY! You can do it!!!

P.S. How's the F.O. Raisin Bran? I love their bars and their Chocolate Pop-Tart things...haven't tried the cereal yet.

Cameron said...

You are beautiful!!! But, good luck with the exercise. You can do it...wish I were there to go with you....I am officially online with my laptop now in the hospital room. Will check back when I can.

Love and miss u.

Mary said...

LOL...loved the did intend it to be a pun. You'll see LESS of me...exercise....ya know.
I wish I had some motivation. I think I need someone here to hold me responsible for exercising.

Tracy said...

Your uncle said to tell you he has two words for you....................................................


lynnskie3 said...

Good Luck! There I'm a follower! Are u HAPPY now?????? lol

Hilary said...

I need it too, Lisha!!!! This move unmotivated me and we were all doing so well this Summer... I dread the holidays and my parent's visit... cooking... baking... EATING!
You will do it because you are such a positive person!!! :)