Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for lots....

Thanksgiving day through Friday night we spent in PA with the family. I love LOVE being with my family especially on the holidays. I laugh, I relax, I "get away".

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house on Thursday. My Pap's stuffing and pumpkin pie was to die for, my mom made a delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and as good as McDonald's sweet tea :) I brought green bean casserole and rolls, along with the uncooked turkey lol :) My aunt and uncle brought pies, cookies, and baked corn. Everything along with the company and watching football was fun!

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving day :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Favorite Things #1

Awhile ago I posted my Top 10 favorite things in my house as a part of TipJunkie's Talk to Me Tuesday. Very simple things I have around my house....
This post, however, is the first of several of my favorite things I enjoy right now in my life.
Lately, I have had an obsession with chalkboard paint. I love this stuff......maybe it is the teacher in me....I don't know, but I love it.

I love keeping my notes/lists out and where I can see them without taking over my kitchen counter and refridgerator. Clutter is something I can't this way a little chalk and my life is organized without sheets of paper.....ya know....maybe I am a little "green" too lol. Anywhooo.....

I am only a beginner in the crafty world, so don't pick on my imperfections. I am working toward it. :) As far as "crafty" goes, I enjoy scrapbooking which I have done for the last 8 years, but do it yourself projects are in me....I can't help just runs in the family (My Mom and Dad).

So here are some pics of my latest projects involving my latest obsession....chalkboard paint.

This is in my kitchen....the center of my home. I keep my daily menu posted so everyone from hubby to the parents of the children I babysit can see what is on the menu for lunch and dinner. It keeps me organized for my grocery list and so I don't have to think about what we are having all day long!

These bottom two pics are from my laundry room. One reason we chose to build this house is because of the spacious first floor laundry room. I love it! This is the station I created to keep the kids things (backpacks, coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc.) organized in one spot so as we are running out the door, we aren't saying, "OMG where is N's or S's shoes??!!" I used ribbon around the chalkboard on this one with glue dots. It pulls right off!

I painted this one in the basement for the kids to use when playing school. The only thing I should have done differently on this one was make it I am going down to do that today :) I used some bulletin board border around it (got it at Dollar Tree along with the little signs. The kids love it and it cleans up nicely with a wet paper towel, so no chalk dust!

This is my latest project with the chalkboard paint. A few years ago one of my fellow teachers was retiring and had this old, ugly green chalkboard from way back in the day. She gave it to me so Noah could draw on it. I kept it in my basement. The wood frame was ugly and the green was too soft to make a nice picture on or write on. I covered it in chalkboard paint and painted the wood pink :) I know...there is a reason to my insanity of such a bright color. I will be using this somewhere....which will be a part of My Favorite Things #2. :)

I am always looking for more ideas with chalkboard paint so if you have used it on a project, please post it :)
Off to get a shower for the day and get my lazy daughter out of bed...yeah I know right?? It is 10:17 am!! HOLY COW!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Time!

My mom came to visit me last week when I needed her the most!

She brought a project for us to do! I was so excited, so while the girls played in the basement, we worked on our project.

She found it online and it is was easy and looks great!

It is a piece of wood wrapped in scrapbook paper and we stamped Give Thanks on it. Underneath it we hung leaves (which we as a family are going to write things we are thankful for on them). Very cute!!
Some little pumpkins and candles would be nice on here...going to do that next year for color :)

Then the girls and I made hand and foot turkeys today for Thanksgiving. VERY easy and we worked on scissor skills!! Check them out!

Emily, since she is older we did what she was thankful on the hands.

Saras (she is almost 1 and a half, so she colored her own!) and I did the cutting.

My DDs :) She gave up half way through, so I got to glue it on!

Before we headed to the basement to play, we spotted this out the window!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

As I promised...

As for the powder took Noah and I, oh, about 45 mins to vaccum, dust, and clean the powder up off all the toys, in nooks and crannies, off the pillows, in his closet organizer, dresser, nightstand, etc..... it was a disaster.

The powder is finally completely out of Sydney and his hair. He said, "Mommy, this wasn't a very good idea."

I said, "Nope, glad you figured that one out on your own."

So, here are some pics of the mess!

Just an idea of what a mess there was! AHHH!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Note to self:

Note to self:

While working online and being a "Single" mom while Hubby is at b-ball practice, I need to remember to scan the bedroom for bottles of powder... DO NOT LET POWDER IN A ROOM WITH 2 CHILDREN.

My son's bedroom is now covered in white powder. His toys, his bed, his nightstand, his head, his pillows, his carpet......and his Sister's hair is now white.

His explanation......

I wanted my room to smell good.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had a realization last night.

I know right?? That is HUGE lol.

I realized that I am gaining weight because I no longer look at myself in the mirror.

I avoid them like the plague. I know if I look I will hate what I see. So guess what?? All day today I forced myself to look at for who I am. :)

It wasn't SO is fixable...just will take some hard work and sweat.

I think I am FINALLY ready to take that step to living healthier for "me" and being more selfish when it comes to myself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Children's Book

All my adulthood I have wanted to write a children's book. I love the idea of being creative with writing using a child's imagination....

So tonight while laying in bed with Noah and Sydney we read the book called Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola. For those of you who know this one (I know Mary does) you will find this interesting. For those of you who don't....this is a cute book with the days of the week and how the cat named Cookie spends each day. Noah and I made up the first two days worth for my new children's book....well, maybe not CHILDREN's book.....but for the humor of the Mommies and Daddies.....

Mine will go like this.....

Elliott's Week:

This is a short story about my dog.....

On Monday, Elliott puked on Mommy's couch.
And he spread it everywhere!

On Tuesday, Elliott shit in Sydney's bedroom.
And he chewed it up everywhere!

On Wednesday, Elliott pissed in Mommy's bathroom.
then he walked through it and then everywhere!

On Thursday, Elliott licked Daddy's dirty socks.
It made him smelly everywhere!

On Friday, Elliott chewed Mommy's crouch out of her undies.
It made him hump everything!

On Saturday, Elliott humped Tiger.
He got his jizz everywhere!

On Sunday, Elliott decided to rest.
Until.....he saw his rubber, squeaky elephant......


lipstick jungle Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you God for the possibility of keeping my Lipstick Jungle on air!

Thank you Staci for passing on the news to me! I am now in debt to you....whatcha want?? My right arm? My hubby the nights yours is working?? LMAO...whatever you want you can have! teeeeehhhheeeeeee

Here is the article she posted for me....

I will continue my prayers for this creative, passionate tale of friends.

I would have put you first Staci...b/c right now you are pretty darn close to God with passing on that news to me. Now do you see why I keep you around?? You got the celebrity news! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I challenge you

I challenge you to post your MOST creative Brag email that if you were to send (or do send) out to people who are vacant in your life relationship wise.

I thought of this when Hilary sent Mary and I one today....I laughed so hard!!! She took her life and added humor and made me laugh!! With her it is!

This one is for you, Lisha... hheeee hhhaawww

Hello to all my devoted friends. Life is beautiful in Illinois. What's not to love... miles of corn and soybeans, flat land, and a farmer on every corner. With the beautiful graffiti lined buildings of East St. Louis just 15 miles from home.

Leo is loving his job. He adores the 2 hours that he gets to spend with his family on a daily basis due to his new 12 hour night schedule.

Our marriage couldn't be better since he now sleeps during the day and I sleep at night with two baby monitors by my side in case someone would like to invade our home.

The weather is gorgeous. The winds whip throughout the day and we love the ache it gives us in our ears. I now look as though I weigh 200 pounds as I bundle up to prevent the cold from chilling me to the bone. It only takes us 15 minutes to unwrap the kids from their winter gear... I feel that this is an added bonus when you are in a hurry to do something special outside the home.

Quinn adores playing Peek-a-Boo in the bathroom... it's the best sound ever to hear the toilet lid slam nearly every 5 minutes. He has blessed me with the opportunity to practice my counting skills as I attempt to calm myself and present myself as June Cleaver. At least there will be no dust on that toilet seat. Alden loves to sing... singing every waking moment is a joy.

I love the tunes... as a matter of fact... I don't think you can hear enough bible songs to get you through the day... As said, Life is great here in IL. As long as they keep selling hard liquor in the grocery stores... God, I love this state!!!!

Love to all you jealous housewives!!!!


Now get posting your BEST brag email!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's your opinion?


A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
Friend A member of the Society of Friends; a Quaker.

Is this enough to consider a bunch of women that only keep in touch through what I call a yearly "brag" email?

You know what I am talking about....the impersonal emails you get to quickly update you about their busy lives, good and bad and maybe with a nice little question asking how you are doing? As if they really care or they would have emailed you A LONG time ago??

I tried my hardest to keep in touch with them. I even text one of them and she acted cold and pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. I emailed several of the others...even have one on my facebook cuz the others don't sign up for such things....

I gave up. I saw them about a year ago and was invited to a party for one of them this past summer. I couldn't make it because we had plans to go visit our real friends. You know the ones that remain your lives on a weekly to monthly basis.

Now the brag emails began....3 of them went out to the group of us. I ignored them. I am not responding. I gave PERSONAL emails to them in the past and got no reply. I even made a Contact sheet with everyone's information on it and updated it every several months. Half of them obviously didn't have the right emails anymore. So, they didn't take the time to even print it. I kept mine safe in my Household Notebook. Just in case they wanted to be my friend (I know sounds so middle school, but friends are important new and old.)

I am cutting my losses.

You want to be my "friend" then be one. If not, tell your other friends about your good news. If you want to email me and catch up, then do so. I would LOVE to get together...ya know like the time I wanted to get together for our 30th birthdays..remember that one?? Now we are all hitting 31....and big surprise....everyone was too "busy" till it was time for that brag email.

Brag emails, in my opinion, are a great way to update family on what you have been up too if you aren't going to be a cool blogger like me :) but don't wait to do it just one time a year.

Friends.....I need them, but it isn't a touch and go thing with me. I WANT you in my life. I will MAKE the time for you. Relationships are SO important especially to we women, except number 4 LMAO


1.a connection, association, or involvement.
2.connection between persons by blood or marriage. emotional or other connection between people: the relationship between teachers and students.
4.a sexual involvement; affair.

Do you do brag emails? How do you feel about them?

Things to do

This time of the year is CRAZY!

With Hubby coaching basketball, me babysitting, and the holidays, there doesn't seem to be much time to get anything accomplished.

My house is slowly falling apart because of lack of money and lack of time.

I suppose I could bankrupt trying to keep up with the decor in my house and hiring a handyman to fix the things that are falling apart like the tile in my bathroom, replacing the floors, the doorknobs that are falling off, and the rooms that need painted, but right now we are just doing what we need to do to just get by.....for instance....replacing the battery in my Matrix that has died for the 50th time in the last month. *PS Thanks Jason and Amy for getting up so early in the morning and charging my battery lol You have been fabulous friends :) But I know have a battery....for at least the next 6 years!!!

So, in my hopes that I can get somethings accomplished during this busy time of the year, I am making my......................................................................................

*********DRUMROLLLLLLLL PLEASSSSSEEEE*****************

So I feel more motivated and held responsible for my list, I am posting it.

As dorky and as embarrassing as it will be posted on this blog in the right hand column. This way I can get on here and cross out the things I have accomplished.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making Brownies....

So, making brownies is quite the weekend tradition in our house.

Usually it is a pleasant activity with the kids at the kitchen island taking turns helping make the brownies, then we enjoy licking the spoon (OH get over it....yes I let my kids eat raw

But tonight..... well, you can see for yourself.

ME: You guys wanna make brownies???

NOAH: YAH!!!!!! *as he runs like a wild man to the kitchen island* I WANNA HELP!!!

SYD: YES. Nydney help 2 *Chases after Noah to the island*

ME: Get up here and you guys can take turns helping me.

NOAH: I wanna dump in the mix.

ME: You can dump it in Noah.

NOAH: I wanna cut it open with the scissors!

ME: *I hand him the scissors, make him hold them right, he cuts it open and dumps it in the bowl. I turn around to get the measuring cups and eggs.

SYD: *still sucking that damn binky*

NOAH: Let me do it!!! *As he sticks his fingers in the brownie mix and shoves the dry mix in his mouth and Sydney proceeds to follow*

ME: *I look over and see both of them with dry mix falling out of their mouth all over the counter* What are you doing??? That is gross! Can you wait till we mix it up?

SYDNEY: Yummy Mama!

NOAH: MY TURN!!! *As I am pouring the oil in a measuring cup*

SYDNEY: MY TURN and she slaps Noah * I giggle internally because she stands up for herself and I get a kick out of it!


SYDNEY: YOU BAD OAH!!! *and points at him with her finger up by her eye*

ME: You 2 stop!! It is Sydney's turn. Noah, you dumped in the mix.

SYDNEY: MY TURN!! *she dumps in her 1/4 cup of oil*

I hand a 1/4 cup of oil to Noah to dump in. And proceed to give Sydney her 1/2 cup of water to add. She dumps it in and I hand Noah an egg. I go to tell him to crack it GENTLY on the side and......

He SMACKS it with his 5 year old strength on the top of the egg. It breaks all over the island. I scoop up the egg and save as much as I can to use, as I only had 2 eggs. GO FIGURE!

SYDNEY: OAH AHHHHH!!! You BAD!!! *She points at him and starts counting down her fingers at him.... 1....2....1.....2...... she says


ME: No more Sydney. It was an accident. *I mix up the brownie mix and hand each of them a spoon. As I dump the mix in the cake pan...I count not one but 4 TIMES THAT NOAH ASKED ME IF HE COULD LICK MY SPATULA!!!

NOAH: 1. I wanna lick the spatula. *ignoring......
2. Can I lick the spatula? *ignoring........
3. Mommy, I want the spatula!! *ignoring......getting impatient. ME: Sydney I like how you are so patient!
4. I really want to lick that spatula. Can I have it?

ME: No. That is Mommys. You and Sydney can lick the bowl.


So this is how it ended:

ME: ate 4 brownies
THEM: messy faces
NOAH: off to bed!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad news....

My friend Mary just gave me the worst news ever EVER!!

I seriously want to cry.....

Lipstick Jungle is being cancelled!! OMG!!!! She read it over at Yahoo.

She text me about it and now.....

I am in a deep depression. I am NOT happy with NBC.

No joke. I am really upset over this. Lipstick Jungle is MY MOST favorite show. I love the characters and love their relationships. How can they do this??? They have officially disappointed me!

Their time slot is terrible. Put it on at 9 and women will watch!! Not 10:00!!

I am going to have a cup of hot tea and sulk.

Writing to Santa

Besides mailing our Christmas lists this year I also found this cute website. Some of you might already know it but I thought it was cute!! Noah LOVED it!!

Totally letting it go....

I vented.

I said what I needed too.

Come to find out he was drunk!! OMG!!!

Seriously. He wasted my energy and caused me to have a sore finger.

I am deleting the blog because I am done.

But thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have I ever told you?

How much I HATE basketball season???

Not because I hate basketball persay...because it is my FAVORITE sport in the world. I tried to play it in jr high and highschool but I didn't have the confidence to be great. In fact I turned out to be pretty damn good during my college years, but it was too late to prove that in good ol' high school.

Anyway, I HATE it because I am a single parent this time of year.

Hubby is coaching yet another year. He goes to work daily from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm and then is away for practice from 5 pm to 7 pm. He gets home around 7:30 pm. That is this week. Tryouts. Gotta love them.

Then practice and games start. Then he will have practice from 7 to 8:30. So at least he will be home to eat and leave. But not for clean-up, bathtime, bedtime, or relax on the couch time till 9:00!! Then game nights....omg. It is from like 5 till 9:30 two nights a week.

This wouldn't be a problem if all I did was the normal nighttime routines, but I tutor two times a week, work online, and babysit.

I guess now that the paychecks for coaching are coming in before the holidays that MAYBE I will be able to contain my frustrations..........well, at least until January hits.........

Then I QUIT!!!

Is it sad that I WANT to get a bad cold/flu just so I can use EVERY excuse in the book to get a day off????

Monday, November 10, 2008


We have Noah's conference on Wednesday night. So....we left a note to the teacher and she emailed us.

Apparently Noah has attentive issues while completing a task because of his lack of confidence. That's my precious boy. He doesn't want to complete something unless he KNOWS he can and wants it to be PERFECT! Boy, he has so many of my hubby's traits. So, she is working with him and we are sitting down for the conference.

His report card was fabulous! He got a check on scissors cuz he likes to hold them upside down....however, he is pretty accurate lol. We are so proud of him!! :) He has accomplished so much already!!

He is blossoming into such a sweet, funny, smart little man!! :)
We are such proud parents! :)

Who would have known??

Well well well....looky here......I DO have a life!!!

HA! Who would have guessed it??

This past Saturday we met my brother Andy and my sister-in-law Deanna in Cumberland to hand over my kids to them so we could have a day to ourselves. (A VERY much needed day to ourselves). After dropping them off, we went to my friend's homecoming game in Cumberland, Maryland for the Fort Hill/ Allegheny game.

Even though it was pretty darn cold, it was SUCH a good game!! The excitement was in the air!! Here are some pictures highlighting that game.

I was cold. Very cold....

Then, the excitement continued (and the cold). We met up with my uncle and grandfather after the Fort Hill/Allegheny game to head down to Morgantown for the WVU game against Cincinnatti. It started off as a slow, boring game that we were losing until the last 6 mins of the game. People were leaving because they were disgusted by the game and right after they left.....the game actually BEGAN!!! It was a lot of fun just getting away with Shane and my family for the evening. It isn't very often that I get a whole day with my hubby!!

Ignore my pimples....Something funky is going on with my body.. feels like puberty....weight gain, exhaustion, and pimples. Gotta love being a GROWN ADULT!!

My grandfather is a definite FAN!! Look at him!! He is LOVING the end of the game even if we lost! :) I just LOVE him!! :)

We made it back to my parents about 1:30 am. The kids were asleep....Syd on the couch with my Mom and Dad and Noah in bed. I couldnt wait to lay down and close my eyes. It was exhausting and I didn't even have my kids!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay friends.....

That means all of you....but ESPECIALLY my educator friends this one is for you.......

*please disregard the cussing...I am in a cussing mood today. Very unusual for me. But it is one of those days and the children can't read, so I am good*

I still consider myself an educator. I know I have been home now going on 3 years, but it is part of who I am. I spent 6 years becoming one, 6 years being that is a lot of who I am. I taught 6 years in special education (3 in high school and 3 in middle school).

My hubby is also an educator...A damn good one at that. He is going on like 9 years teaching. One in special education in Maryland and 8 in Loudoun County as a 4th grade teacher. People...he is good (sorry gotta do some bragging on hubby...I am so proud of him).

Enough background stuff cuz most of you know me by now. I don't hide much about me.

So, my kindergartner came home with a form from the school stating that they would like to see us for a conference.

This is good because we like to be informed. I like information and to be involved as MUCH as possible.

But on the stupid ass form it has 3 places for the teacher/parent to check mark.

One states: Your child is doing well. We do not need to conference at this time.
Two states: I have some concerns about your child's progress. We would like to schedule a conference. (or some shit like that)
Third states: This one states something about the parent requesting a conference even if it is not required by the teacher...blah blah blah.

So....the second one is marked by his teacher.

As a parent of ANY background....tell me your reaction. How do/would you feel???

As for us.....Our hearts sank. The thoughts flooding our brains.....

What could be he doing?
Is this behavior? Is he withdrawing? Is he being shy? Is he not listening? Not following directions? Not doing what he is supposed to be doing? Not up to "par" with the other kids or the standards??
Is this mandatory for all kindergartners' parents? (If not it should be anyway regardless of their "time" and how they are doing. ALL parents should be see even if they are doing well.)

Breathe could be "nothing" big .

It could be that they know we are high maintenance parents. We are the ones emailing 24/7, writing notes, you know the ones "we" can't stand as educators. We are hard on Noah and expect him to do well in school.

So if there is some major issue, I should have been contacted BEFORE conferences I would imagine.

His papers all come back with stars, good interim report, good comments about his knowing his sight words., blah blah blah....

The main issue here is me. Can you tell??

I know I am being hard on myself. But why is it so hard to be an educator/parent?

I guess if you were a pediatrician and took your kids to another pediatrician you would expect them to do things are thorough as you do in your examinations, or if you were a bus driver and took the bus from point A to point B you would expect the same if not better trip as a passenger...etc. etc......

So teacher friends how can I do this and still make sure the teacher sees my respect for her? Because I do. She is excellent and Noah has learned SO much already! He already knows close to 50 sight words and is starting to read. I am so proud of him and what he is accomplishing.

I guess this is why I am so careful with "forms" and approaching parents because this is my WORST nightmare for parents to go through. The uncertainty is enough to drive you crazy!

Enough venting. This parenting thing just gets harder and harder. It was so easy when they were babies. What the hell does them turning into teenagers mean for me?? Lol

Monday, November 3, 2008

Autumn Arts and Crafts

I don't talk much about how I spend my days now do I?? Well, THAT would be a whole different blog...believe me :) I will share sometime really...but till then I have been collecting pictures of some of the arts and crafts we are doing for our Autumn porfolio. Here are some easy, cheap, and fun activities to do with your kiddos when the weather is too cool to go outside or if you just need something to do!! These are crafts that you can do with kids from 0 and up :)

Among the crafts are:

A nature walk to collect leaves followed by a Autumn Placemat using contact paper

Spiders made from 4 fingers painted black (from each hand) and some googly eyes

Scarecrows.....I precut from a template I made....kinda like paper dolls :) Then they decorated! Real straw would have been better, but yarn works great!

Autumn trees: Trunk made from their hand prints and the leaves made from their fingerprints, then add some grass, clouds, sun...whatever :)

I would love for you to share your favorite crafts you do with your kids. I am ALWAYS looking for things to do during the cold days!! SHARE!!!