Monday, November 24, 2008

As I promised...

As for the powder took Noah and I, oh, about 45 mins to vaccum, dust, and clean the powder up off all the toys, in nooks and crannies, off the pillows, in his closet organizer, dresser, nightstand, etc..... it was a disaster.

The powder is finally completely out of Sydney and his hair. He said, "Mommy, this wasn't a very good idea."

I said, "Nope, glad you figured that one out on your own."

So, here are some pics of the mess!

Just an idea of what a mess there was! AHHH!!!


Cameron said...

OUCH! That was one winter dusting. LOL.

Hilary said...

Do you EVER dust??? tee hee hee :)
At least it was containted to one room... I'm TRYING to find a positive :).
So... he now smells baby fresh?

Jen said...

hehehe!!! Sorry, but that's funny!! :)

Staci said...

OMG! I would have DIED!!!!!!!!!!!