Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in the air....

It was in the air...even though my 2 year old had NO idea what was going on that night, she seemed to just know....ya know?? Like something told her to NOT take her daily 2 hour nap and want carried the entire hour and 15 minute trick or treat route. My arm as you can imagine is a little sore today.

It was amazing. I put her down at the normal nap time of 2:45 pm. She was so ready too. She ran upstairs and climbed up the side of her crib. I put her in, tucked her in with kisses and tickles, turned on her fan, said Night Night, and out I went. I crept down the stairs, made sure I had the montior on and began cleaning up the disaster that the girls made of my house. I could hear my dearest Sydney on the monitor. Was she sleeping? Nope. Instead I heard....her singing...jumping on the bed.......knocking books off her bookshelf......yelling....squealing...talking to her babies.....and doing EVERYTHING under the sun but sleeping, except crying. I left her up there till I came back from the bus stop at 4:00. Yep, I know...what a mean Mommy I am, but listen...if she isn't napping she needs time by herself for somewhat "quiet" time, and for me too!

When I went up to get her out of her crib.......I got a wiff of something as the door swung open.
SHIT (sorry no better words). It overwhelmed the room. It was also on the floor.

This is when I realized I had a problem. When you potty train a 2 year old who is still in her crib, you have to be prepared for such things. She took a shit in her pull-up, realized....hey I can't sleep in shit so I must get rid of it.

So on the floor it went. The dog does it so why can't I?? (giggle snort snort...sorry....I am trying to understand the philosphy of a 2 year old).

She says, "I poppied."

I say, "Yep you did."

I proceed to clean up the nice unsquished turds on the floor and in the crib, cleaned her up, and took her downstairs. At 5:00 she decided to fall asleep on the way back from McDonalds. Her little 30 minute nap did more damage to her already crabbiness. That is how I ended up with pictures like these below and had to carry her the whole trip!


Staci said...

Oh My God!!! I have opened a door to that smell before... but THANKFULLY it was not all over the place! You made me giggle when I so needed it!! THAK YOU! Sydney and Noah looked adorable! Halloween is so fun! I love to see everyone's costumes! Have a happy Sunday!

Cameron said...

Happy Halloween...the kids looked so cute....wish we could have had them run around together...was just so tired and back hurts bad...I didn't even pass out candy after and I LOVE to do that. We just did La Costa and joining road. Maybe next year will be better. Cameron had a good time though even though he kept falling.

tracy said...

The kids look cute....what was shane and hillbilly????

Hilary said...

First of all, I love the Thanksgiving background on the blog! Your blog is always beautiful!
I don't know what to say about the poopy room... uhhhh... good luck with that :)
AND... how cute!!! The kids looked adorable for Halloween! I love the spiderman costume! Other than the sore arm from the carrying, I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!!!


how cute they were!!!!!!!! soundsl ike your halloween was like mine. i will have to post tomorrow! thanks for the laugh.`1

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Gross about the POOP! haha Great costumes!

Mary said...

LOL...sorry...just reliving some of those good ole days. They weren't so funny when they happened but when you think back they are what life is made of!!!