Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have I ever told you?

How much I HATE basketball season???

Not because I hate basketball persay...because it is my FAVORITE sport in the world. I tried to play it in jr high and highschool but I didn't have the confidence to be great. In fact I turned out to be pretty damn good during my college years, but it was too late to prove that in good ol' high school.

Anyway, I HATE it because I am a single parent this time of year.

Hubby is coaching yet another year. He goes to work daily from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm and then is away for practice from 5 pm to 7 pm. He gets home around 7:30 pm. That is this week. Tryouts. Gotta love them.

Then practice and games start. Then he will have practice from 7 to 8:30. So at least he will be home to eat and leave. But not for clean-up, bathtime, bedtime, or relax on the couch time till 9:00!! Then game nights....omg. It is from like 5 till 9:30 two nights a week.

This wouldn't be a problem if all I did was the normal nighttime routines, but I tutor two times a week, work online, and babysit.

I guess now that the paychecks for coaching are coming in before the holidays that MAYBE I will be able to contain my frustrations..........well, at least until January hits.........

Then I QUIT!!!

Is it sad that I WANT to get a bad cold/flu just so I can use EVERY excuse in the book to get a day off????


Staci said...

I'm sorry! I would HATE it too... though, the extra $$ would be nice!! :) You need to take a Saturday to yourself and Relax, get pampered, all while being perfectly and quietly kidless... :)

Cameron said...

I HEAR you loud and clear!!!!

Mary said...

You will have to take some time off from home and kids. Plan something.

supah ~d said...

Give yourself one night out a week/ day. You'll feel better..

I know that's a bandaid on a big boo boo but.. lool.. that situation sucks!! lol... scrap away!

My friend has a highschool football coach as a husband.. they have an adopted little girl...

She never sees him... I could never do it.... never.

Jenny had a boyfriend for 2 years.. football coach.. BLAHHHHHHHHH... it was ridiculous.

boooo hiss to basketball and basketball widows. :)