Monday, November 17, 2008

I challenge you

I challenge you to post your MOST creative Brag email that if you were to send (or do send) out to people who are vacant in your life relationship wise.

I thought of this when Hilary sent Mary and I one today....I laughed so hard!!! She took her life and added humor and made me laugh!! With her it is!

This one is for you, Lisha... hheeee hhhaawww

Hello to all my devoted friends. Life is beautiful in Illinois. What's not to love... miles of corn and soybeans, flat land, and a farmer on every corner. With the beautiful graffiti lined buildings of East St. Louis just 15 miles from home.

Leo is loving his job. He adores the 2 hours that he gets to spend with his family on a daily basis due to his new 12 hour night schedule.

Our marriage couldn't be better since he now sleeps during the day and I sleep at night with two baby monitors by my side in case someone would like to invade our home.

The weather is gorgeous. The winds whip throughout the day and we love the ache it gives us in our ears. I now look as though I weigh 200 pounds as I bundle up to prevent the cold from chilling me to the bone. It only takes us 15 minutes to unwrap the kids from their winter gear... I feel that this is an added bonus when you are in a hurry to do something special outside the home.

Quinn adores playing Peek-a-Boo in the bathroom... it's the best sound ever to hear the toilet lid slam nearly every 5 minutes. He has blessed me with the opportunity to practice my counting skills as I attempt to calm myself and present myself as June Cleaver. At least there will be no dust on that toilet seat. Alden loves to sing... singing every waking moment is a joy.

I love the tunes... as a matter of fact... I don't think you can hear enough bible songs to get you through the day... As said, Life is great here in IL. As long as they keep selling hard liquor in the grocery stores... God, I love this state!!!!

Love to all you jealous housewives!!!!


Now get posting your BEST brag email!!


Cameron said...

LMAO...that email was hysterical....can't wait to read Debby with a Y's.

jen said...

Too funny!! I know all about Illinois and their corn and soybean fields. It's blissful!

Sara said...

I love it! This had me laughing harder that I have in a very long time.

Hilary said...

That Hilary is a witty girl... tee hee hee
Take that you braggers!

Lisha said...

Oh should run for president lol

supah ~d said...

too funny. :)

Hilary said...

Running for president??? I just did! (only my dye job is better than hers)... and so far... no Monica! Although, there was a time when I wasn't opposed to smokin' a cigar... hee hee