Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making Brownies....

So, making brownies is quite the weekend tradition in our house.

Usually it is a pleasant activity with the kids at the kitchen island taking turns helping make the brownies, then we enjoy licking the spoon (OH get over it....yes I let my kids eat raw

But tonight..... well, you can see for yourself.

ME: You guys wanna make brownies???

NOAH: YAH!!!!!! *as he runs like a wild man to the kitchen island* I WANNA HELP!!!

SYD: YES. Nydney help 2 *Chases after Noah to the island*

ME: Get up here and you guys can take turns helping me.

NOAH: I wanna dump in the mix.

ME: You can dump it in Noah.

NOAH: I wanna cut it open with the scissors!

ME: *I hand him the scissors, make him hold them right, he cuts it open and dumps it in the bowl. I turn around to get the measuring cups and eggs.

SYD: *still sucking that damn binky*

NOAH: Let me do it!!! *As he sticks his fingers in the brownie mix and shoves the dry mix in his mouth and Sydney proceeds to follow*

ME: *I look over and see both of them with dry mix falling out of their mouth all over the counter* What are you doing??? That is gross! Can you wait till we mix it up?

SYDNEY: Yummy Mama!

NOAH: MY TURN!!! *As I am pouring the oil in a measuring cup*

SYDNEY: MY TURN and she slaps Noah * I giggle internally because she stands up for herself and I get a kick out of it!


SYDNEY: YOU BAD OAH!!! *and points at him with her finger up by her eye*

ME: You 2 stop!! It is Sydney's turn. Noah, you dumped in the mix.

SYDNEY: MY TURN!! *she dumps in her 1/4 cup of oil*

I hand a 1/4 cup of oil to Noah to dump in. And proceed to give Sydney her 1/2 cup of water to add. She dumps it in and I hand Noah an egg. I go to tell him to crack it GENTLY on the side and......

He SMACKS it with his 5 year old strength on the top of the egg. It breaks all over the island. I scoop up the egg and save as much as I can to use, as I only had 2 eggs. GO FIGURE!

SYDNEY: OAH AHHHHH!!! You BAD!!! *She points at him and starts counting down her fingers at him.... 1....2....1.....2...... she says


ME: No more Sydney. It was an accident. *I mix up the brownie mix and hand each of them a spoon. As I dump the mix in the cake pan...I count not one but 4 TIMES THAT NOAH ASKED ME IF HE COULD LICK MY SPATULA!!!

NOAH: 1. I wanna lick the spatula. *ignoring......
2. Can I lick the spatula? *ignoring........
3. Mommy, I want the spatula!! *ignoring......getting impatient. ME: Sydney I like how you are so patient!
4. I really want to lick that spatula. Can I have it?

ME: No. That is Mommys. You and Sydney can lick the bowl.


So this is how it ended:

ME: ate 4 brownies
THEM: messy faces
NOAH: off to bed!


Sara said...

LOL :) Your kids are so cute! You're making me hungry.

Hilary said...

I love your brownies!!! I remember them from the Pajama Chic Flick Night... and um... no stress... most eggs are pasteurized now... at least that is how I convince myself that it is okay to lick batter off a spoon!

Staci said...

It is always an adventure!! Thanks for sharing! The pics are too cute!

Cameron said...

Glad they are enjoying the mix! Looks like a fun night. I bet the house smelled yummy all night long.

jen said...

My kids fight over who gets the spatula and the bowl, too!

Mary said...

Mmmmmmmm payback is just so good! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!
Was that my outside voice...oops, sorry....giggle, giggle.