Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Favorite Things #1

Awhile ago I posted my Top 10 favorite things in my house as a part of TipJunkie's Talk to Me Tuesday. Very simple things I have around my house....
This post, however, is the first of several of my favorite things I enjoy right now in my life.
Lately, I have had an obsession with chalkboard paint. I love this stuff......maybe it is the teacher in me....I don't know, but I love it.

I love keeping my notes/lists out and where I can see them without taking over my kitchen counter and refridgerator. Clutter is something I can't this way a little chalk and my life is organized without sheets of paper.....ya know....maybe I am a little "green" too lol. Anywhooo.....

I am only a beginner in the crafty world, so don't pick on my imperfections. I am working toward it. :) As far as "crafty" goes, I enjoy scrapbooking which I have done for the last 8 years, but do it yourself projects are in me....I can't help just runs in the family (My Mom and Dad).

So here are some pics of my latest projects involving my latest obsession....chalkboard paint.

This is in my kitchen....the center of my home. I keep my daily menu posted so everyone from hubby to the parents of the children I babysit can see what is on the menu for lunch and dinner. It keeps me organized for my grocery list and so I don't have to think about what we are having all day long!

These bottom two pics are from my laundry room. One reason we chose to build this house is because of the spacious first floor laundry room. I love it! This is the station I created to keep the kids things (backpacks, coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc.) organized in one spot so as we are running out the door, we aren't saying, "OMG where is N's or S's shoes??!!" I used ribbon around the chalkboard on this one with glue dots. It pulls right off!

I painted this one in the basement for the kids to use when playing school. The only thing I should have done differently on this one was make it I am going down to do that today :) I used some bulletin board border around it (got it at Dollar Tree along with the little signs. The kids love it and it cleans up nicely with a wet paper towel, so no chalk dust!

This is my latest project with the chalkboard paint. A few years ago one of my fellow teachers was retiring and had this old, ugly green chalkboard from way back in the day. She gave it to me so Noah could draw on it. I kept it in my basement. The wood frame was ugly and the green was too soft to make a nice picture on or write on. I covered it in chalkboard paint and painted the wood pink :) I know...there is a reason to my insanity of such a bright color. I will be using this somewhere....which will be a part of My Favorite Things #2. :)

I am always looking for more ideas with chalkboard paint so if you have used it on a project, please post it :)
Off to get a shower for the day and get my lazy daughter out of bed...yeah I know right?? It is 10:17 am!! HOLY COW!


Sara said...

I love all of your projects. You're very talented Lisha! Way to go!!!

Staci said...

I heart a good chalk board! One question.... Well maybe 2! The one for the kidds in the basement, does the chalk dust stain the carpet or do you use only white chalk? I want to paint a large area in our play room, but I was afraid the chalk dust would ruin the carpet... Second Q... Did you paint the one in your kitchen directly on the wall? I have been thinking of putting a chalk board or cork board above the desk area in my kitchen, but I'm a little unsure how to go about it! :)

Lisha said...

Thank you Sara...I am TRYING to be talented lol.

Staci, here are some answers. I hope! lol

Answer 1: We do not have carpet in the basement. After it flooded, we just kept the concrete, painted it, and added rugs. But...I can't imagine why white chalk would hurt. I have the kids clean it with a baby wipe or a wet cloth (to eliminate as much dust as can be).

Answer 2: I did paint it directly on the wall. I thought about hanging it, but it is an area where it could be knocked off and would stick out too far. You could do yours abover you dest on a piece of wood and use the magnetic paint too!! I will send you a link to one i saw for a desk to organize. VERY Cute. Good luck :) Post your project when you are done!

Staci said...

ohhhh magnetic paint!?!?!?! I am in heaven!

Hilary said...

Hey, Ladies! I use this product called "Chalk Ink" on my big chalk board in the kitchen. THERE IS NO DUST WITH IT! It is kind of pricey but I buy it at Michael's with my 40% off coupon. It is worth it because there was no way I was hanging that thing in my kitchen if there was going to be chalk dust... plus, I am sensitive to the lime in the chalk and chalk paint does not affect my nails, hands, etc!
Love your boards, Lisha!

Tammi said...

Cool ideas! Where were you when my kids were younger?
Your house looks very nice from what I could see of it.

Tracy said...

where are the veggies on that list?