Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Time!

My mom came to visit me last week when I needed her the most!

She brought a project for us to do! I was so excited, so while the girls played in the basement, we worked on our project.

She found it online and it is was easy and looks great!

It is a piece of wood wrapped in scrapbook paper and we stamped Give Thanks on it. Underneath it we hung leaves (which we as a family are going to write things we are thankful for on them). Very cute!!
Some little pumpkins and candles would be nice on here...going to do that next year for color :)

Then the girls and I made hand and foot turkeys today for Thanksgiving. VERY easy and we worked on scissor skills!! Check them out!

Emily, since she is older we did what she was thankful on the hands.

Saras (she is almost 1 and a half, so she colored her own!) and I did the cutting.

My DDs :) She gave up half way through, so I got to glue it on!

Before we headed to the basement to play, we spotted this out the window!!


Cameron said...

Cute projects!!!! We spotted the snow too. It was short lived, huh?!?!

jen said...

Love your crafts!! I may copy the turkey one!! Cute!! Thank GOD it stopped snowing!! I'm not ready for that mess yet!!

Staci said...

Too CUTE! I love the project you made with you mom! Maybe we could do a moms night in and make them for Christmas?

Hilary said...

Is Noah on the roof with powder? :)

Mary said...

Hey the project looks good hanging on your mantle! Love the turkeys too! I had fun that day!
love ya,

Sara said...

I REALLY want to make the craft you made with your mom. When are you available to give lessons? I'd love to make one for my mother for xmas.

Lisha said...

Staci and Sara, we can make those anytime you want :) You just need 2 12x12 sheets of the same pattern scrapbook paper, a coordinating cardstock sheet, and a block of wood. I have the ink and the wood lol Lets do it! :)

Sara said...

Let me know when you're free and I'm there. We can make them at my house if you want.

Staci said...

Ditto what SAra said!