Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things to do

This time of the year is CRAZY!

With Hubby coaching basketball, me babysitting, and the holidays, there doesn't seem to be much time to get anything accomplished.

My house is slowly falling apart because of lack of money and lack of time.

I suppose I could bankrupt trying to keep up with the decor in my house and hiring a handyman to fix the things that are falling apart like the tile in my bathroom, replacing the floors, the doorknobs that are falling off, and the rooms that need painted, but right now we are just doing what we need to do to just get by.....for instance....replacing the battery in my Matrix that has died for the 50th time in the last month. *PS Thanks Jason and Amy for getting up so early in the morning and charging my battery lol You have been fabulous friends :) But I know have a battery....for at least the next 6 years!!!

So, in my hopes that I can get somethings accomplished during this busy time of the year, I am making my......................................................................................

*********DRUMROLLLLLLLL PLEASSSSSEEEE*****************

So I feel more motivated and held responsible for my list, I am posting it.

As dorky and as embarrassing as it will be posted on this blog in the right hand column. This way I can get on here and cross out the things I have accomplished.



Hilary said...

I don't think a list is dorky at all... actually, my life is lists so maybe I am trying to validate myself! You are good at getting things done! You must be exhausted with Shane's schedule! Hang in there... I know... EASIER SAID THAN DONE!

supah ~d said...

li- ah.

where's this list.

Add my office to it. Then , oh yeah.. add.. "replace the things steve fixed" to it. :)

Sara said...

If lists are dorky, then I'm the biggest dork of all. LOL :) I have an ongoing one and more tasks are added to it on a daily basis. I was just crossing a few things off of the list right before reading your post.

Cameron said...

With my "lupie" brain, I am f'ed without lists.

Mary said...

Ok kiddo, here goes. Why are you waiting around for Shane to fix the doorknob, the tile, etc. You can do that stuff and shhhh, you're probably better at it then Shane is. I know you have alot on your plate but you are brilliant enough to do man work. :) Love, your mama!