Monday, November 10, 2008


We have Noah's conference on Wednesday night. So....we left a note to the teacher and she emailed us.

Apparently Noah has attentive issues while completing a task because of his lack of confidence. That's my precious boy. He doesn't want to complete something unless he KNOWS he can and wants it to be PERFECT! Boy, he has so many of my hubby's traits. So, she is working with him and we are sitting down for the conference.

His report card was fabulous! He got a check on scissors cuz he likes to hold them upside down....however, he is pretty accurate lol. We are so proud of him!! :) He has accomplished so much already!!

He is blossoming into such a sweet, funny, smart little man!! :)
We are such proud parents! :)


Cameron said...

WAY TO GO NOAH!!!! The scissor thing takes time and he will gain more confidence as time passes. It is a whole new world beginning for him. LOVE THE PICTURE!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tracy said...

I'm so happy that it was something so small....i think its not just daddy that he gets it from but mommy too...with having a perfect house in just got his progress report and that is what he also received has problems paying attention but his is from his mommy
:] that is what i got on every report since i have been in school...daydreaming....i chalk it up to my a.d.d......tell noah that we are so proud of him!

supah ~d said...

Good news and his picture is adorable. I'm printing it and putting it on our fridge as soon as I figure out how to insert the printer cartridges.. lmao.. I know. What has happened to me.?

Mary said...

Love the school picture! He is growing up so fast. I loved him reading his book to me over the phone today!

Hilary said...

The scissor thing... teachers! :).
It sounds as though he is doing wonderfully! I have no room to comment on the "getting it perfect" topic :)! I understand completely, Noah!
We love you!